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5475_91de0ece9a_small March 27, 2013 by Danny Schreiber

Kansas City To get a jump on the action at our inaugural Big Kansas City event today, join Des Moines entrepreneur Christopher New and our Kansas City community builder Regan Carrizales for AM Reboot, a morning podcast for geeks. These next two days, the hour-long live video show will be dedicated to the people, places and events of Big Kansas City. AM Reboot is the flagship program of our streaming media partner, Quadrant5. Here's what's in store for today: 7:30 a.m. - Welcome from Christopher New … read more

5431_40fad05300_small March 20, 2013 by Danny Schreiber

"Silicon Prairie: America's New Internet Economy," a short documentary that stresses the importance of the Open Internet by telling the stories of startups in the middle of America, is now available on the film's website. "Pay what you want, from $0 up," the site states, encouraging donations to the film that began as crowd-funded project. Shot last October in six states—Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri … read more

5415_0f1a289fb6_small March 19, 2013 by Danny Schreiber

Austin CNN last Saturday premiered its roundup of more than a week's worth of coverage of this year's South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, Texas. "The annual SXSW festival is where the tools developed in Silicon Valley and elsewhere are turned into the culture of today," said CNN producer Josh Rubin, the host of the 30-minute special. That "elsewhere" … read more

5404_e6a12b89d8_small March 15, 2013 by Danny Schreiber

Des Moines With today's news that Dropbox acquired Mailbox—check out the Wall Street Journal for the full story—we're re-releasing our video of the San Francisco startup's co-founder, Gentry Underwood, speaking at our Des Moines event this past October. "I think one of the best examples out there right now of a startup that focuses is Dropbox," … read more

5361_f27e1cd2df_small March 6, 2013 by Joe Stych

Kansas City Rob Sweeney says we're in the midst of a tech-based disconnect, and it's based on age. This generation of digital natives can master an iPhone by age four. But our grandparents could care less about hashtags, Facebook timelines and texting. That's where the failed connection happens. Kansas City native Sweeney sees a starightforward way to alleviate grandma's tech-based communication woes, and he calls it messageQube. The idea is simple: instead of teaching elderly relatives to use text messaging to communicate, messageQube acts as a receiver for the messages, and automatically prints them on a receipt-style sheet. That way, grandma can consume … read more

5352_b00e73b506_small March 4, 2013 by Regan Carrizales

Kansas City We're excited today to give you a preview of what's in store March 26-28 at our inaugural Big Kansas City event. Watch the video above to hear from our team and others in the community about how we're harnessing Kansas City's excitement and bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and creatives from across the country in order to bring about … read more

5341_7517943879_small February 28, 2013 by Danny Schreiber

Kansas City Think Big Partners and H&R Block's Hackovate Health competition comes to an end today as the finalists present their ideas on stage at Union Station in Kansas City. The competition, which was announced in November, challenges entrepreneurs to dream up an online or mobile app that could help consumers navigate today's health care landscape. … read more

5329_cb2fd744c3_small February 26, 2013 by Danny Schreiber

Kansas City Kansas City Public Television's "The Local Show" recently put its cameras on the city's startup community, featuring a neighborhood that's become a popular spot for tech companies. "While tech companies have been popping up all across the metro, there's a noticible cluster developing in the vicinity … read more

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