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5730_66c1ad237f_small May 17, 2013 by Danny Schreiber

Omaha Before Big Omaha kicked off last Thursday and Friday, our streaming media partner Quadrant5 hosted a morning video show to give our live stream audience a different look at the event. Over four segments, the show featured speakers, attendees, artists, sponsors and partners—individuals who annually have a hand in making the event a success. Quadrant5's Christopher New anchored the … read more

5707_c9163fc244_small May 10, 2013 by Joe Stych

Omaha To end the first full-day of Big Omaha on Thursday, four speakers stuck around for an audience Q&A. Megan Casey of Pack, Anil Dash of ThinkUp, Tony Conrad of, and Ben Milne of Dwolla. The group used their personal experiences to respond to questions on their failures in the workplace, personality traits they're forced to fight and the pains of public speaking. Making mistakes … read more

5709_d6cc439590_small May 10, 2013 by Patti Vannoy

Omaha "What if we were to stop putting our companies first?" asked Micah Baldwin at Big Omaha Friday afternoon. "Right now all of your stomachs turned. 'But we’re from the Midwest. That’s what we do.'" But what if we stopped thinking our startups were us? What if the one thing we’ve been told – the harder you work, the better – is wrong?  read more

5704_1a4f943231_small May 10, 2013 by Riane Menardi

Omaha Noah Kagan calls 2012 his “year of failure,” and came to Big Omaha with tips for entrepreneurs who may be a little burned out. His advice? Don’t focus on the money, or even the business. Focus on you. For Kagan, there are three things that control his happiness: wealth, health and love. Wealth "I am the happiest when I'm doing what I want and I’m having fun," he said. When he only focuses on money … read more

5702_d73ea9abad_small May 10, 2013 by Fred Bauters

Omaha Dave McClure started his Big Omaha talk warning it would offend some people. He was right. His focus was on the idea that "everything sucks and nobody notices," but it ended up lost amid potentially offensive exchanges and an abundance of cursing, which quickly sparked a conversation on Twitter. Beyond that, he told the crowd there are … read more

5703_c98e7cc94c_small May 10, 2013 by Chris Wolfgang

Omaha As the founder of If We Ran the World and Make Love Not Porn, Cindy Gallop is taking steps to tackle the absence of honest conversation in society about sex. At Big Omaha this afternoon, she described the business model of Make Love Not Porn as shared values combined with shared action to create shared profit. The difference from mainstream porn? All of the site's content is user-generated and depicts … read more

5700_fa049a2ccb_small May 10, 2013 by Megan Bannister

Omaha These days, Diana Kander has babies on the brain. And quite understandably so—the senior fellow at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation is six months pregnant. So naturally when she took the stage at Big Omaha on Friday morning, Kander spoke about how “toddlers and startups actually have an amazing amount of things in common.” Both require a name and people to take care of them and both need … read more

5699_f144f8f037_small May 10, 2013 by Fred Bauters

Omaha Every year since he was in sixth grade, Antonio Neves has received a nutcracker for Christmas from his mom—a reminder of the moment in his young life where he turned a corner. At Big Omaha today, he stepped away from his emcee duties to share why he has devoted so much of his time to supporting and coaching entrepreneurs. Living through his parents' divorce and 15 moves as a child … read more

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