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3162_fa5782e948_small November 15, 2011 by Willis Jackson

Kansas City Entrepreneurs Unpluggd comes to the Silicon Prairie today with an event in Kansas City featuring a fantastic lineup of speakers. Behind Entrepreneurs Unpluggd, a Chicago-based blog and event production company, are co-founders Tim Jahn, who has been a regular at Big Omaha, and Stella Fayman … read more

943_772587451a_small May 30, 2010 by Danny Schreiber

For the past two weeks, Tim Jahn, creator of the Chicago-based weekly video podcast Beyond the Pedway, has been posting his interviews with some of the Big Omaha 2010 speakers. Last Friday, he released his interview with Dennis Crowley of foursquare and this past Friday, David Hauser of Grasshopper. Although they're labeled "Special Edition Big Omaha," these interviews… read more

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