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2987_2ecd08de1c_small October 11, 2011 by Danny Schreiber

Omaha "The one piece of advice," Philip Kaplan said, "and this may sound like a platitude or something but I think it's actually usable – is to get in over your head. Sign up for something that you don't think you can do. Like, get a job that you're totally unqualified for or promise something to a client that you don't think you can deliver. Because I happened … read more

2522_46f2da2fa3_small August 15, 2011 by Jeff Slobotski

Omaha Today, we're pleased to share with the you the final and fifteenth video in the Big Omaha 2011 Video Series, brought to you by CoSentry. The video features the one and only Phil Kaplan. We were thrilled when Phil let us know that he'd be able to attend and present at this year's Big Omaha. He's an individual with a wealth of expertise, knowledge and a history through the many years he's spent … read more

2261_6826a5751e_small May 16, 2011 by Dan Beenken

Omaha Philip Kaplan’s presentation was a nice mix of “this is how I became awesome” and “this is how you can be awesome, too.” His story started with a little backdrop on his move from W-2 employee land, where he was building sites for another firm, to running his own show. It was one of those common epiphanies in which the employee discovers what the employer is making off of his back and realizes the disparity between that what he’s taking home. … read more

2227_76d8288b33_small May 13, 2011 by Michael Stacy

Omaha Haven't had time to study up on all of this year's Big Omaha speakers? Not to worry; we can help you cram. We've combed the world wide interwebs to come up with a couple of stories, interviews, videos or otherwise noteworthy nuggets on each of our Big Omaha presenters so that you can brush up before you sit down at KANEKO on Friday morning. … read more

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