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2429_b5a1916944_small June 24, 2011 by Danny Schreiber

Omaha As I've written about before, one of my favorite parts of Big Omaha are the artists who contribute their time and talents to help us bring a unique and memorable experience to our attendees. At this year's event, we had four artists or artist groups with installations ranging from a game utilizing QR codes codes to projector art that symbolized the phases of the moon. The latter of those installations … read more

2250_122fc57dd2_small May 23, 2011 by Kate Ellingson

Omaha Since its inception in 2009, Big Omaha has been held at KANEKO, an "open space for open minds that nurtures and promotes creativity in the arts, sciences, and philosophy." In addition to the permanent and exhibiting art collections housed at KANEKO, Big Omaha invites a select group of artists to add a unique element to its conference with installations or exhibitions geared towards attendees. At this year’s event, Peerless’ Caleb Coppock, Daphne Eck … read more

2222_7fb4e109de_small May 11, 2011 by Danny Schreiber

Omaha One of my favorite parts of Big Omaha takes place not in the main speaking room at KANEKO but in rooms and hallways that lead up to it, which have played host to art installations and exhibits since our first conference in 2009. These artists, who have dedicated tens and hundreds of hours ahead of time, make the event a unique experience for attendees. Last year, for example, Scott Blake exhibited his Barcode Art of Gary Vaynerchuk that … read more

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