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1368_82e55f9a50_small October 18, 2010 by Danny Schreiber

Omaha Part of the Omaha Silicon Prairie News team – Jeff, Dusty and I – made the rounds last week to three events in Omaha. Kicking off Monday morning with Omaha 10-10-10 and then closing it out on Saturday with TEDxOmaha. Learn about the events in our "Out & About" post and check out the pictures below to see some familiar faces. (Left, John Hobbs and Kevin Berry of Confurrent at the Buy the Big O! Show.) read more

1319_1f4d5a441c_small October 4, 2010 by Jeff Slobotski

Omaha As seen on TechCrunch today – Delivering Happiness: The Rap Video – we're excited to share the video produced by the Delivering Happiness Bus Team documenting the first stage of their bus trip across America promoting Tony Hsieh's book, "Delivering Happiness." Their stop in Omaha was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed… read more

1312_011f494308_small October 1, 2010 by Danny Schreiber

For the first time since South by Southwest Interactive this past March, Jeff, Dusty and I are all out of town for a few days. And literally, we'll all be on the road again. (Quick story: We flew to Austin for SXSW last year, but due to a missed connection in Dallas, we rented a van and drove the last leg of the trip. In the photo is Silicon Prairie News and…  read more

1007_4db9cbed18_small June 23, 2010 by Dusty Davidson

Omaha Last week I spoke with Joe Olsen about Omaha Creative Week, a week-long collection of events focusing on all things creative, taking place September 5-11. The event's planning team, or caretakers, include Joe and others from his interactive brand experience agency, Phenomblue, as well as a mix of creatives and entrepreneurs from across the city. Silicon Prairie News' Jeff Slobotski is… read more

990_3218a74738_small June 21, 2010 by Danny Schreiber

Omaha If I had to imagine what participation in a Washington think tank would be like, I'd recollect my experience at last Wednesday's Regional Energy Innovation Summit at the Gallup Organization’s Omaha campus, a follow up of the Energy Innovation Summit that took place May 7 at the White House. Thanks to a partnership between Gallup, the White House… read more

940_713bcbd9d5_small May 28, 2010 by Andrea Ciurej

Omaha It's been nearly two weeks since Big Omaha struck the entrepreneurial scene for the second year in a row. However, the chatter about the event and Silicon Prairie News in general, has been afloat amongst traditional and… read more

939_76776203d6_small May 27, 2010 by Guest Contributor

Omaha Thanks to a media sponsorship from Andrew Warner of Mixergy, we had the pleasure of meeting Mixergy's producer, Giang Biscan. After her experience at Big Omaha, she wrote about it on her blog, My personal diary of #BigOmaha. Since publishing it on May 18, she's given us permission to re-post it on Silicon Prairie News – she's made a few edits and added an afterward detailing an email she received from Omaha's Mayor Jim Suttle.  read more

904_165b9f7672_small May 14, 2010 by Adam Templeton

Omaha 8:32 a.m. The doors are open, the breakfast table is stocked and the mic's gettin' tested… Big Omaha 2010 is underway! Jeff and Dusty should be taking the stage in roughly 30 minutes for the day's opening speech. We'll check back in with you then! | 9:11 Jeff and Dusty are on stage. Here we go, folks! | 9:21 The crowd looks bigger and bolder than last year's, and the Silicon Prairie News guys have been working overtime to make sure Big Omaha 2010 is in… read more

902_0f259010d1_small May 13, 2010 by Danny Schreiber

Omaha Big Omaha year two is about to go down. Big Omaha year one was a success. How did all this come to be? When the short story is told, it starts in the summer of 2008 when Jeff Slobotski challenged himself and Silicon Prairie News co-founder Dusty Davidson to set a date, find a venue and book speakers in order to hold a first-class, unforgettable event. In May 2009, the event was held at KANEKO with more than 400 in attendance to hear from a robust… read more

899_4e9d415932_small May 10, 2010 by Geoff Wood

Des Moines It's likely no surprise to the readers of Silicon Prairie News that our latest topic for PrairieCast is Big Omaha. We were able to grab some time late last week with Jeff Slobotski and Dusty Davidson to discuss what we should expect from year two of the event, the speakers they're looking forward to the most, and what the event means to the region. We tried a new recording technique this week so the podcast may sound a bit different than past episodes. In addition, we cut out our typical Week in Review… read more

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