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5824_e076048240_small June 14, 2013 by Frank Merchlewitz

Sioux Falls It's a challenge that many entrepreneurs face: Having a vision for a new mobile app, but lacking the technical know-how to bring the idea to fruition. Happy Tapper founder Carla White calls these people "ideapreneurs," and she's written a whole book for them. White got the idea after completing her first product, Gratitude Journal, in 2008 when iOS apps first came on the market. Back then it wasn't as simple as turning to a guidebook for assistance: They didn't exist. "Everything was a challenge pretty much for everyone who was creating apps," White told Silicon Prairie News. "We were all trying to figure it out together. … read more

2951_bb772e126b_small October 5, 2011 by John T. Meyer

Sioux Falls In less than a month, Sioux Falls will be the gathering spot for the eighth annual Innovation Expo, taking place Wednesday, Nov. 2 at the Ramkota Hotel and Conference Center. The Expo, which is hosted by Enterprise Institute, a non-profit that provides business development and services to individuals and startup companies, brings together inventors, researchers and entrepreneurs … read more

1162_212f782e22_small August 13, 2010 by John T. Meyer

Sioux Falls I witnessed the power of Big Omaha this past May when I traveled all the way down to Omaha from Sioux Falls and then met an incredible designer, Carla White, who lives in my own backyard. Not literally, but in the community of Sioux Falls which doesn't have a big yard. Carla and I kept in touch and I recently sat down with Carla to talk about… read more

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