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3634_a4189786db_small August 8, 2012 by Michael Quinlan

Omaha Silicon Prairie News: You founded CRi in 1999. What are you most proud of in regard to the business you've built in the last 13 years? Sue Thaden: It really has been the people along the way, the teammates and clients that we've been able to work with and the impact we've all had on each other from a personal and professional growth perspective. | SPN: You serve on the Board of Directors for TechServe Alliance (TSA), are a member of the Omaha Economic Development Council and serve on the Board of Directors with the Omaha Chamber of Commerce. When do you sleep? | ST: We're all busy, and passion fuels everything, if you're aligned with what you enjoy, that stuff doesn't phase you. Passion is a … read more

4564_4c4bbeb838_small August 7, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Des Moines Silicon Prairie News: What about the opportunity at Voce Communications drew you to join the team there? | Jeremy Harrington: An amazing clientele and very talented group delivering products at a very high level. | SPN: As the son of a sign painter, what was the most important career-related lesson you learned from your dad? | JH: Growing up I spent a lot of time helping my dad paint, tagging along on trips all over the state. I learned about typography, color, layout and balance, all things that inform and influence my work today. I also learned a lot about craftsmanship, caring about your work and following through to get the best possible result. … read more

4500_2082b50a4f_small July 23, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Iowa City Silicon Prairie News: What drove your decision late last year to join Heroku? | Wesley Beary: By that time I had been working almost entirely on fog for over a year. I was quite happy with where that took the project, but the challenge of it and the rate at which I was learning had greatly declined. So I decided to try something new and jumped in the deep end at Heroku so that I could get my growth and learning back on the right track. | SPN: You've spoken before on "how you learned to stop worrying and love the cloud." What was the source of your initial trepidation about the cloud, and what caused you to come around? | WB: Before I started working on fog it already seemed that the writing was on the wall; cloud services were going … read more

4465_14dc800123_small July 23, 2012 by Paige Yowell

Kansas City Sharmil Desai was working at STIX restaurant in Kansas City, Kan. when the restaurant owners needed a website for customers … read more

4481_01242baad8_small July 20, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Kansas City Silicon Prairie News: What factored into the decision for Cremalab to relaunch its site recently, and what about the upgraded site pleases you most? George Brooks: We had quickly taken down our old site when our workload became so much that we wanted to focus completely on hiring. After our team grew, we were still busy and a placeholder site was put back up. We've been spending a lot of time lately thinking about who we are, what we do best, and who we are excited to do that for. Something I'm sure we'll never stop thinking about. As we started to think through a new site, we wanted people to completely focus on the content, and let our work speak for itself. This allowed us to … read more

4484_ef7b42f676_small July 19, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Omaha Silicon Prairie News: You join Dundee as the firm expands its staff, moves offices and closes a $15 million fund. What has it been like adjusting to the new job amidst that change? | Nick Engelbart: Absolutely exciting. I have already learned so much by working with Mark Hasebroock, Michael Wetta, Shaunna Boley and Andrea Sandel. Every day is different and filled with new challenges. I realized from the get go that my responsibilities would range from providing market research and enterprise analytical analysis, all the way to desk assembly. | It is rewarding to relate to some of the challenges that entrepreneurs face as they start their businesses. I’ve already met some amazing people and being a part of their dreams is very cool. We are really enjoying the creative …  read more

4464_2f364655f8_small July 16, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Des Moines Silicon Prairie News: What compelled you to pursue both computer information systems and marketing at a time when, as you say, "that combination was not a thing"? | Michael Bird: It was just pursuing my passions. I had a wonderful computer programming teacher in high school, Jack McGrath in Denver, Colorado, but chose business school over engineering as I enjoyed business and creativity as well. The MIS/CIS major and Marketing major, both being in the business school, allowed me to do both. It was just good timing that the “web” emerged, with the need for people who understood the tech side but asked good business “why” questions. | SPN: What was the thinking behind Spindustry's decision to change the architecture … read more

4456_9b25556ba4_small July 13, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Omaha Silicon Prairie News: When and how did BetterBoo first catch your eye, and what drove your decision to become involved with the startup? | Brady Churchill: I initially met Nick Chmura, the founder of, last October at the National CEO Conference in Fort Worth. He spoke again at the Midwest CEO Conference hosted at Mammel Hall in March. From there, on I was determined to help him out with this innovative way to shop. He gave me a month trial run to make sure I brought value to the company (kept me around ever since), and our relationship grew exponentially from there. | SPN: How are things progressing with the new version … read more

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