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3856_ba0e33ac8b_small March 28, 2012 by Adrienne Baughman

Ames Matthew Rizai, CEO and managing director of WebFilings, knows a thing or two about startups. In the 1990s, Rizai led Engineering Animation Inc. (EAI), which went public in 1996 and has since morphed into other entities. Today, his exacting focus is on scaling WebFilings, the company he built in 2008 with trusted key players from his EAI days. "Our management team is one of our competitive advantages … read more

3784_174ffa529f_small March 19, 2012 by Kate Ellingson

Lincoln Earlier this month, we reported on Red Brain Inc., the University of Nebraska-Lincoln spinout company that recently introduced its first product, CrimeView NEARme. Last week, we sat down with Ian Cottingham, Red Brain’s president and co-founder, Kevin Farrell, Red Brain’s vice president and co-founder, and Alan Tomkins (left), the director of the University of Nebraska's Public Policy Center, to take a closer look at the startup. Silicon Prairie News: How did Red Brain get started? … read more

3793_01890fbcdf_small March 16, 2012 by Annie Sorensen

Kansas City It's been less than two months since Ryan Weber took the helm of KCnext - The Technology Council of Greater Kansas City, and the agenda is full. KCnext aims to promote the area's tech sector by supporting its community and the tech industry as a whole through publicity, education and building employment opportunities. As we reported earlier this year, Weber took over in mid-January as the first president of the newly-formed organization, which is a fusion of the Software and Information Technology Association of Kansas (SITAKS) and a previous iteration of KCnext. Since then, Weber has focused on eliciting feedback from his members and planning events. … read more

3786_d2112b91db_small March 14, 2012 by Chris Wolfgang

Lincoln Andrew Norman, editor-in-chief of Hear Nebraska, doesn't want the rest of the state to grow up like he did: knowing nothing about the plethora of music being created all over Nebraska. The small town of Imperial, Neb., had the Internet when he was growing up, "but not at my house," Norman (far left) said. "So I listened to what everyone else listened to. The music from the coasts." But with the help of friends, he got into punk rock, which evolved into discovering less mainstream music, which led to an … read more

3755_a7a434d134_small March 7, 2012 by Chris Wolfgang

Omaha With a history of software consulting and entrepreneurship (think Tripleseat and, oh yes, Silicon Prairie News), Dusty Davidson, 31, is moving on to his next project: Layeredi. Still only four months old, Layeredi, short for Layered Innovations, is a platform for managing mobile marketing campaigns. Currently. "The long-term vision is to provide a suite of tools for marketers to manage their campaigns in one place," Davidson said. "The toolsets out … read more

3737_b97ca50086_small March 5, 2012 by Chris Wolfgang

Omaha Matt Medlock remembers the project that made him recognize the inefficiency of how contract work is financed. "It was for a basement. At the end of the project, I got no bill for 60 days," he said. "I'm a formally trained finance guy. I don't know you, but I know you need this money. What is this guy doing for cash flow?" It can be tough for small-business owners to find time to work their craft and follow-up with an invoice and collect. And what about before the project … read more

3594_33823b722b_small February 8, 2012 by Michael Stacy

West Des Moines If it’s Friday and it’s lunchtime and Ben Sinclair isn’t at Performance Marketing’s West Des Moines offices, it’s a pretty safe bet where he is instead. He’s making a beeline to the buffet line. Mind you, he’s not there for the fare — Sinclair gives the food a review that’s lukewarm at best — but to satisfy another appetite. “The food isn’t the best,” Sinclair said. “But it’s mainly an excuse to get together and talk about radio stuff.” Sinclair, 33, is a developer of Web … read more

3538_63bbd9873a_small February 8, 2012 by Kate Ellingson

Lincoln The Turbine Flats Project is an "idea community" in Lincoln that began in 2008 with 22 people and 11,500 square feet. Today, some 75 employees work in the space, which has undergone one addition and is in the midst of a second. In December we covered ISoft Data Systems and the company’s CEO, Matthew Wegener. ISoft Data Systems is part of the Turbine Flats Project, which essentially started when ISoft out-grew its old offices and relocated its four employees into a larger space on 9th Street in … read more

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