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6698_0f3e9fc89e_small April 14, 2014 by Fred Bauters

Kansas City If money wasn’t an object, my next company would be… developing infrastructure for cheap, available Internet access worldwide. read more

6653_3babf18b13_small April 4, 2014 by Julia Hogren

Nick Evans has always been fascinated with how to get a lot more done with less work. A Nebraska native, Evans created a $20 piece of hardware, Tile, that users attach to anything they’re prone to lose—phone, remote, car keys. Syncing with iOS devices, users can seek out their stuff along with the help of trusted friends and family also dialed into their network. His light-hearted, easy-going attitude is underscored by an intense motivation, highlighted by his impressive resume ... read more

6631_f420bb26ae_small March 25, 2014 by Fred Bauters

Kansas City Quote I might have said: “They ought to take chances. Not taking chances will lead to a life of colorless mediocrity. They’ll be comfortable. But something in their spirit will be missing.” — Carlos Hortas, Dean of Yale University (So I didn't say it, but sounds like me.) read more

6621_ea92eed6dc_small March 25, 2014 by Kate Brosseau

Kansas City Roughly an hour and a half from his office in the Kansas City Startup Village, EyeVerify CEO and founder Toby Rush was trained in the art of entrepreneurship. It wasn't in a classroom or under the wing of a seasoned business icon, but in the fields of his family's farm in Severance, Kan. ... read more

6397_d35c7f476b_small March 8, 2014 by Megan Bannister

Kansas City I do what I do because… it is so satisfying to take an idea and bring it to reality. I knew I wanted to be a developer before I was even in high school. One of my older brothers was taking a programming class and showed me some of his homework. I was fascinated at how he could control what the computer was doing. I was instantly hooked. read more

6531_fc00e5f4b7_small March 1, 2014 by Megan Bannister

Des Moines Entrance song if I was a wrestler: This is one of the hardest questions I’ve ever been asked. I could definitely have new one for every match, but let’s start serious with Johnny Cash's "God’s Gonna Cut You Down." read more

6504_b0c7290d8e_small February 22, 2014 by Jordan Pascale

Lincoln Something most people don’t know about me: I tried living left-handed for a few months. Brushing teeth, putting in contacts, mouse, pretty much anything but writing. I got decent at most things eventually. It was interesting to see how even a stubborn, old brain like mine can pick up new skills if needed. read more

6489_ef9421afa2_small February 15, 2014 by Jordan Pascale

Omaha Prairie Portraits is a weekly set of questions intended to help the community get to know someone from the Silicon Prairie startup scene a little bit better. Prairie Portraits feature a fixed set of questions ranging from career background and personal perferences to, perhaps, off-the-wall questions on YouTube videos and entrance music. read more

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