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910_01b9a8108f_small May 20, 2010 by Danny Schreiber

Lincoln The bio of Tim Siedell's Twitter account, @badbanana, reads: "Sometimes I just want to give it all up and become a handsome billionaire." Although it's unlikely Siedell will join the ranks of Warren Buffett as one of Nerbaska's billionaires, he's already joined the company of Larry the Cable Guy as one of the state's funniest. Since his first tweet in March 2007, Siedell has accumulated over 370,000 followers, been named one of PCWorld's Top 10 Funniest People on Twitter… read more

909_62176e264a_small May 18, 2010 by Andrea Ciurej

Omaha The mission of KANEKO, the venue of the annual Big Omaha event, is to support and promote freedom in creativity, which begins with an idea and a vision to see things differently. Scott Blake, a 32-year-old Florida native, couldn't be promoting this mission any clearer with his 21st century barcode art resembling the most notable faces in modern culture. Blake, a classically trained artist, studied figure drawing for three years and painted bowls of still-life fruit. Now, instead of using a paintbrush with the flick of his… read more

790_b2050c7407_small April 19, 2010 by Geoff Wood

Ames One positive of a recessing economy is that it enables some would-be entrepreneurs to take the risk and launch out on their own. That was the case for Dan and Alex McClanahan, who in 2009 were recent graduates of Iowa State University in journalism and graphic design, respectively. The pair, who are married, thought they had secured post-graduation jobs in Denver, Colorado within their fields, but due to the economic… read more

December 2, 2009 by John T. Meyer

Sioux Falls On countless occasions Silicon Prairie News has showcased many of the "diamond in the rough" agencies, creatives, firms, and startups right here in our own backyard. The story of Electric Pulp in Sioux Falls, South Dakota is no different. I ... read more

November 20, 2009 by Jeff Slobotski

Omaha It's officially here! The day when we can "officially" bring you our interview with Oxide Design Co.!  These guys are doing some amazing work, and many of you may know them from the branding work they did for ... read more

November 8, 2009 by Jeff Slobotski

Omaha So from time to time I get really excited about interviews...and this is one of those times. To be honest, every time I get an opportunity to sit down and learn more about someone's passion and business it ... read more

November 4, 2009 by Jeff Slobotski

Omaha Yes...we were finally able to connect with the Princess Lasertron at last night's Omaha TweetUp! Princess Lasertron, aka Megan Hunt, talked with us about the many exciting things going on with her business including her new site launch ... read more

October 10, 2009 by Geoff Wood

Omaha   Corrected attendance numbers for Market Day at 4:27 p.m. on 10/11/09 Tucked away in an old brick structure in the south end of the Des Moines' East Village is an interesting artistic community called the ... read more

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