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5961_5cfcb7f7d7_small August 5, 2013 by Guest Contributor

Kansas City “Have you lost your mind?” “No. This company is going to make it really big!” That was my go-to answer whenever someone felt like passing judgment. While I wasn’t 100 percent sure I bought my own story at the time, I was sticking to it. After 12 years at PepsiCo, I accepted an offer with a startup called Front Flip. The job meant I’d be kissing my life in Dallas goodbye and relocating my family to Kansas City ... read more

5946_9eb9c84d23_small July 27, 2013 by Guest Contributor

Omaha A design patent is a patent that typically protects the ornamental design of a functional object. For example, jewelry, food containers, and computer icons are all examples of functional objects that can have an ornamental design that can be protected by a design patent. International protection for designs is very expensive for U.S. filers. Currently, foreign filing for design applications is governed by provisions of the Paris Convention. There are currently 174 members to the Paris Convention … read more

5926_742fe21bbb_small July 21, 2013 by Guest Contributor

Kansas City Since coming to Kansas City, I often get asked how the area stacks up to the valley. My answer is simple: This city reminds me of the valley six years ago. The biggest thing missing is the influx of talent. We are in an age with startups popping up like daisies and companies going public at a rate faster than what we have seen in almost a decade, where talented individuals have the upper hand over the businesses. The Kansas City startup community is struggling to locate and convince that talent to move to this area ... read more

5857_49fd8fdb34_small July 1, 2013 by Megan Bannister

Des Moines A few weeks ago, I opened my email on a Monday night to find a message from Dwolla's director of communications Jordan Lampe. Union Square Venture's general manager Brittany Laughlin (left) was headed to Des Moines for the day to chat with the Dwolla staff, but Jordan had something else in mind as well. "What if we did something like this?" he asked, referencing a link to Mac Chafkin's recent Fast Company article where nine … read more

5666_6acec22c26_small May 5, 2013 by Guest Contributor

Kansas City (Guest post by Melissa Roberts) It's tornado season, and there's a storm brewing in Kansas. Government bureaucrats and startups are churning toward each other. But lately, when they meet, they're working together to encourage lightning-fast Internet around our state. In a time when political ire is at an all-time high, it can be shocking to see state government leaders and local businesses work together toward a larger goal. Enter Kansas H.B. 2326, a bill that encouraged a hands-off approach to regulation of Internet-based networks. … read more

5640_9153198e6d_small May 1, 2013 by Geoff Wood

Des Moines Here we go again with the ag stuff. As most of my friends will tell you, it peeves me when the national media stereotypes Iowa based on its agricultural history. By almost any account, Dwolla's announcement Tuesday of its $16.5 million Series C round led by Andreessen Horowitz was a great thing for Des Moines' startup community. It brought continued attention to what's been growing here, added more than 30 startup jobs here … read more

5590_ac0c0cb6a7_small April 22, 2013 by Regan Carrizales

Kansas City Storytelling is a beautiful, ever-evolving art form and Instagram is one of its vehicles. As I was scrolling through my feed last Friday, I stopped for a second to reflect on the events of the past few months and the impact of those events on the Kansas City startup community. Our inaugural Big Kansas City event came and went with high fives and smiles, moments of inspiration and moments that emotionally moved each of us. Standing to the side of the stage as Scott … read more

5592_622433a366_small April 21, 2013 by Guest Contributor

Kansas City Late last year over lunch, I was complaining about the lack of diversity in tech to Hack of the Sexes co-founder Jason Carrigan. He challenged that we should do something about it. Although our original idea of a boys vs. girls challenge in the tech space sparked a lot of controversy, much of the heat came from people who were opposed to the premise and thought that dividing the sexes is counter-productive and a step backward. We believe that providing a friendly competition where women are challenged to work … read more

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