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4545_139f73f96e_small July 31, 2012 by Danny Schreiber

he 48-state road trip with a mission to help people bring their ideas to life arrived in Missouri today to start an eight-day, four-city tour in the Silicon Prairie. We first covered the IdeaMensch road trip, #IM48, last week, but since that time, the Los Angeles-based blog and events company has released details. IdeaMensch makes its first two stops this week. Its four-person crew hosts an event at Think Big Partners in Kansas City on Thursday and at our headquarters in Omaha on Wednesday. On August 7, it hosts an event … read more

4539_b846275176_small July 31, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Prairie Village You snag front-row seats to a concert, but what's on stage soon takes a backseat to what's on your phone. Somewhere in between tweeting, taking photos, and searching for lyrics to the song that just played, you look up. The show's over, and you just spent the bulk of it glued to your phone. Steven Revare of Prairie Village, Kan. has been there before, and he knows … read more

4537_47dfd7da92_small July 31, 2012 by Sarah Binder

Des Moines Receipts are a hassle. Sometimes it's important to save them, but other times it just feels that way as consumers hoard them out of habit. After watching … read more

4533_f6b56017f7_small July 31, 2012 by Sarah Binder

Cedar Falls Nadira Shadeed and Joe Rouw are a husband-wife team of optometrists who run a vision therapy-exclusive practice in Georgia. When the two discovered no software on the market suited their unique needs, they decided to build their own. They teamed up with Far Reach, a Cedar Falls-based web design company where Joe's brother Chris Rouw is a partner, to build NU Squared. "We're really trying to make it an all-in-one software for an office that provides these services," Joe Rouw said. Vision therapy typically … read more

4428_8f8375fba5_small July 30, 2012 by Dusty Davidson & Jeff Slobotski

In the midst of our ongoing efforts to tell the stories of the region's startups, creatives and entrepreneurs, we're extremely excited to announce a new chapter in our own story: Silicon Prairie News is hiring for the position of Community Builder in Kansas City. Our mission is simple – build creative startup communities – and over the past four years we've worked to establish ourselves as … read more

4515_dd8c6b680c_small July 30, 2012 by Paige Yowell

Kansas City When Andy Kallenbach started an IT support company in 2010, he was baffled by the amount of paper his clients were pushing just to operate their businesses. "One of my clients had two large rooms full of file cabinets filled with new employee paperwork," Kallenbach said in an email interview. "With turnover of 1,600 … read more

4530_9ebb817b99_small July 27, 2012 by Danny Schreiber

Omaha Barcamp Omaha, an unconference now in its fifth year, is Sept. 8 at Slowdown in North Downtown Omaha, with an opening party kicking it off the night before, Sept. 7. Tickets ($10) went on sale today and, as in year's past, are expected to sell out. The new year features a fresh look, too. A re-designed by Grain & Mortar launched today. … read more

4528_77e9c52c5e_small July 27, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Kansas City The high-tech haven where Google introduced the world to its latest pet project once housed hot yoga classes. The building across the parking lot, which will provide a place for curious Kansas Citians to check out Google's new line of tech tools, was previously a 24/7 fitness center. These unassuming spots in a converted shopping center are now the epicenter of … read more

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