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4592_29174c2dea_small August 14, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Omaha With the growing success of its free-to-play model, Omaha mobile games company SkyVu Entertainment reached profitability early this year and wasn't actively seeking institutional investment. But that began to change in May, over the course of a couple of tweets. "We were in a comfy position to choose whether or not we needed to pursue more investment," SkyVu co-founder and CEO Ben Vu recalled in a phone interview Monday. "And we just … read more

4426_9330280db2_small August 13, 2012 by Dusty Davidson & Jeff Slobotski

At Silicon Prairie News, we believe events are more than what happens on the stage. They're an experience, and from the moment attendees purchase a ticket to the time they depart the venue, our aim is to deliver a unique and engaging experience. We take that same approach when it comes to working with the innovators and entrepreneurs who speak at our events – we want to be exceptional hosts. As we establish our Silicon Prairie Series (Big Omaha, Thinc Iowa and a future Kansas City event) … read more

4589_decd9776ca_small August 13, 2012 by Michael Stacy

New York City Online payments startup Dwolla deemed the Ecommerce Hack Day it hosted with Etsy Aug. 4-5 in New York "a run-away success." And by most measures — the first-time hack weekend drew 223 participants, produced 37 hacks and featured some $20,000 in cash and prizes — the weekend was precisely as advertised. But one important — though less readily evident — gauge for the success of the Hack Day will be its effect on helping Des Moines-based Dwolla further establish a foothold … read more

4586_8c4f0a0aaa_small August 13, 2012 by Danny Schreiber

It's merely coincidence that our four Startup of the Year finalists all posses blazing orange logos. Orange, it seems, is the color of companies that were red-hot this year. At our inaugural Silicon Prairie Awards event on Aug. 30, one those four finalists will be crowned Startup of the Year. In anticipation of that celebration, we're providing overviews of the four contenders for each award. The finalists — 48 in all — are the result of a public nomination in July and input from our selection committee earlier this month. Vote for the Startup of the Year below, or visit the awards page to vote on all 12 categories. … read more

August 10, 2012 by Brittany Mascio & Kelsey Supenski

We're excited to bring you our 114th Opportunities on The Prairie today from all over the region. If you have an opportunity to add, please register your positions using our Job Board … read more

4573_dc746984fe_small August 10, 2012 by Danny Schreiber

Omaha The Silicon Prairie Awards event is less than three weeks away. And with anticipation building for who will take home the 12 "Analogs," now is the time to make sure you've secured a ticket. The event begins at 6 p.m. on August 30. Taking place at the Joslyn Art Museum, it opens and closes with cocktail receptions. From 7-9, attendees gather in the grand theater for the revealing of the winners and a keynote speech from David Cohen, the founder … read more

4577_606a94c1d4_small August 9, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Kansas City The usual M.O. for the IdeaMensch team this summer has been to run the spotlight as other entrepreneurs have served as stars of the show. But last week during a visit to the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City, Mo., IdeaMensch founder Mario Schulzke took center stage for 45 minutes to tell the story his Los Angeles-based blog and events … read more

4572_cb6202c757_small August 8, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Kansas City Silicon Prairie News has occasionally chronicled the work of Kansas City, Mo. application developer Handmark and regularly reports on the exploits of Handmark's social media app spinoff, OneLouder. (In fact, we published a story on OneLouder's latest offering, Slices, just last week.) We've had less frequent opportunity to report on the man … read more

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