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3997_a1cb4034e7_small April 19, 2012 by Michael Stacy

The Midwest outpaced every part of the country except the South in terms of percentage growth of venture capital investment during the second half of the last decade. And, in most cases, it wasn't even close. So says an infographic on regional VC funding and startup growth published this week. Venture 51, an early-stage venture fund based in Scottsdale, Ariz., published the infographic Tuesday in a post on its blog. Column Five created the graphical representation for Venture 51, using data from such sources as Silicon Valley Bank, Global Insight and Pricewaterhouse Cooper. According to the infographic, the Midwest from 2005-2010 saw a 103-percent … read more

4000_df81677099_small April 19, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Prairie Village AgLocal, one of Kansas City's most talked-about tech startups of 2012, has teamed with Thad Langford, the executive behind one of Kansas City's most ballyhooed tech acquisitions of 2011. And — no surprise here — the startup continues to garner plenty of attention from investors and media outlets alike. More on that alliance and those investors in a moment. But first, while it's still hot off the presses, the media attention: AgLocal, a marketplace … read more

3959_c0491affde_small April 18, 2012 by Danny Schreiber

Omaha Layeredi, an Omaha mobile marketing startup co-founded by our own Dusty Davidson, has entered into a sales agreement with Hurrdat, a Lincoln social media marketing startup, that will allow the two companies to leverage each other's strengths. … read more

3993_a2c68c82b3_small April 18, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Santa Clara MyGeoTrex, a new, GPS-powered social application, will look to put itself on the map today when it presents at DEMO Spring 2012. MyGeoTrex, which is made by a Kansas City startup by the same name, is designed to enhance the entertainment, informational or educational experience associated with specific locations through the sharing of multi-media content relevant to those places. The app uses GPS technology to enable users to tag locations and lets those users create, publish, share and view … read more

3989_7bc8d9eba5_small April 17, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Overland Park Front Flip is ready to bring its virtual scratch cards to vendors across the country. The Overland Park, Kan.-based startup today announced the nationwide availability of its customer engagement platform, which is designed to help businesses attract, engage, reward and retain customers through the use of "scratch cards" on mobile phones. Following pilots in select U.S. cities, Front Flip is now able to register businesses from anywhere in … read more

3955_641455977c_small April 13, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Des Moines In Des Moines, there's a new startup quickly building buzz around town. It has 17 employees on the ground, and it's on the verge of closing a $1 million round. The source of that buzz is FreebeeCards, a customer engagement platform that aims to drive consumers to vendors through the use of virtual gift cards. Freebee founder and CEO Ken Lazzaro (left) conceived of the idea just over a year ago, and since then the startup has quickly … read more

3968_99a944737a_small April 13, 2012 by Danny Schreiber

Bank Technology News (BTN), a publication written for finance industry CIOs, CTOs and IT professionals, took a close look at Silicon Prairie "fin-tech" (financial technology) startups in an article published Thursday, "In Middle America, Amber Waves of FinTech Startups." "The geographic triangle drawn around Omaha, Neb., Des Moines, Iowa, and Kansas City, Mo., (one of several regions to share the … read more

3953_96f1b102f4_small April 11, 2012 by Chris Wolfgang

Omaha If the feedback from mommy blogs like Baby Kerf and Offbeat Mama is any indication, women have been waiting a long time for a more aesthetically pleasing charting site for the fertility awareness method. Ova Ova, launched in February by Amanda Kohler (pictured), 24, and her husband Kevin, 29, has stepped into the gap left by an ages-old birth control method in need of a technology update. … read more

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