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3547_c43de1aae8_small January 30, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Kansas City On a day of unparalleled attention for television commercials, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation is hoping to draw some eyeballs with a public service announcement aimed at sparking the interest of would-be entrepreneurs. The Kansas City, Mo.-based Kauffman Foundation today leaked its “Will it be you?” PSA, which will air Sunday during coverage of the … read more

3537_698a54bfd1_small January 30, 2012 by Danny Schreiber

Omaha Startup Nebraska, a statewide effort in conjunction with the Startup America Partnership, launched Friday with a hour-long event organized by individuals spearheading the cause. "This is very exciting," Tom Chapman of Nebraska Global, the event's emcee, opened the program in front of about 40 attendees. "I think we have sort of the startup motif going," Chapman said, making note of the event's venue … read more

3526_8718b916bb_small January 26, 2012 by Danny Schreiber

Lincoln It's a problem faced by many successful startups: running out of room for a growing staff. Last week, the Des Moines Register reported a major expansion underway for an Iowa startup planning to hire 23 developers. This week, the Lincoln Journal Star has a story on the plans of MacPractice, the maker of Mac software for doctors (founded in 2004), which includes a major construction project in the works. Patrick Clyne, co-founder of MacPractice, told the Journal Star that his company … read more

3501_2a9001f0c2_small January 24, 2012 by Guest Contributor

(This is a guest post by Jimmy Winter.) Well internet, you've really done it this time. You didn't just like a friend's Facebook post and add a ribbon to your Twitter avatar, but you did some good old fashioned, hi-tech reaching out to your elected representatives. The effort to stop the advancement of the Stop Online Piracy Act ("SOPA") and the … read more

3499_a7a9d38567_small January 24, 2012 by Danny Schreiber

Des Moines StartupCity Des Moines, a tech startup incubator which opened its doors in October, is the focus of a short video on MSN's Business on Main, which is billed as an "entrepreneur's source for news and commentary on today's pressing small-business issues" "A tech incubator is born in an unlikely place," MSN's Chris Cashman says to open the video. Christian Renaud, a principal … read more

3498_dd3119db22_small January 24, 2012 by Danny Schreiber

Kansas City LiveOn, a site enabling users to capture memories and share with loved ones, is a finalist for the South by Southwest Interactive Awards, an event recognizing the year's best new digital work. Based in Kansas City, LiveOn was named one of five finalists in the … read more

3483_c67fe6b2a5_small January 23, 2012 by Danny Schreiber

Des Moines T8 Webware, a financial web strategy firm and creator of the Grip banking app, will receive $120,000 in incentives from the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IDED), the state agency announced Friday. T8 will use the funds to expand into the Des Moines market, likely setting up shop along the growing "Silicon Sixth" district in the city's downtown. "We have staff in Mason City, Ames, Iowa City and Cedar Rapids," Wade Arnold, the founder and CEO of T8 … read more

3475_a155743992_small January 20, 2012 by Danny Schreiber

Des Moines Dwolla has been hinting for some time at an upcoming Series B round, but today BetaBeat released a story citing multiple sources saying it will be in the neighborhood of $10 million and led by New York's … read more

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