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4035_a8ccb649df_small May 7, 2012 by Kate Ellingson

Lincoln Last week we explored the path that led Christopher Kingsley, the founder and CEO of 42, to his startup's March relaunch, which was backed by $1.5 million in funding from Nebraska Global and Nelnet. Today, we’ll go more in depth with the company and learn about what makes it tick. “42 is the evolution of what we've been doing the last couple of years," Kingsley said of his company, which before its relaunch was known as Roundscapes. "We have been acting as a digital agency and a vendor and … read more

3965_5612a5524d_small May 3, 2012 by Annie Sorensen

Kansas City Launching a startup is a familiar task for Klink Mobile's Jessie Bishop. Bishop in 2009 co-founded Prepay Nation, a service that allows the transfer of cellular airtime from one customer to another, even across international borders. Prior to that, Bishop worked for Euronet Worldwide, where she was initially exposed to the financial payment sector. Prepay Nation was on track to generate … read more

4057_f0aefa8e06_small May 1, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Kansas City Gift Card Impressions, a Kansas City, Mo.-based company that makes personalization solutions for the gift card industry, on Monday announced it has secured an undisclosed amount of capital investment and formed a board of directors. Both steps are aimed at accelerating the company's plans for growth, which include the impending launch of a new online platform. OpenAir … read more

4063_9f40628d82_small May 1, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Kansas City Cognovant, a Kansas City, Mo.-based startup that specializes in personal health record technology for mobile devices, announced today that it has closed a $500,000 seed round. That capital will help fund Cognovant's first product, a mobile application called PocketHealth. PocketHealth is a personal health record designed to capture data that allows users to manage their wellness. With PocketHealth, medical … read more

4056_914a5b9289_small April 30, 2012 by Michael Stacy

West Des Moines Social Money today announced plans to more than double its workspace and workforce this summer. The company, which makes products for goal-based, social savings, currently has 30 employees. Most are based in Social Money's West Des Moines headquarters. The company said in a release that it plans to hire close to 35 additional employees, both in Iowa and abroad, for jobs that include web development, engineering, project … read more

4033_c6439aef8c_small April 26, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Omaha Chalk any uptick in midweek traffic at the Kobe Steakhouse in west Omaha this week up to patronage from the folks at Inflection. Inflection's employees were, after all, in something of a celebratory mood. The company on Wednesday announced the sale of its family history website,, to for $100 million in cash. Inflection … read more

3837_136bf79805_small April 26, 2012 by Royce Haynes

Kansas City Managing content for a business can be stressful and time intensive for companies without a plan and a simple process. Take, for example, a company selling a software product. There's product information in press releases, on the website, in the web API, in a flyer, in the user documentation and in the customer support materials. The content created is the sum of information from engineers … read more

4008_e8c9456670_small April 25, 2012 by Danny Schreiber

Des Moines After nearly a year of unreturned phone calls and emails from its Google AdSense account manager, it took a tell-all blog post and an appearance on the front page of Hacker News for Des Moines startup Hatchlings to get Google on the phone. "The (Google employee) who called me made a comment on the Hacker News post," Hatchlings CEO Brad Dwyer … read more

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