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6391_ae4ce929df_small January 24, 2014 by Jordan Pascale

Lincoln Two Lincoln SaaS companies, merged at the beginning of the year, will offer even more services to nonprofits ... read more

6403_263a0ecd75_small January 23, 2014 by Jordan Pascale

Lincoln A Lincoln pediatrician's office has been gamified to encourage employees. Gear Five Studio, a Lincoln-based software company that wants to optimize health care by creating positive and fun work environments, turned its app, AMPT, over to Complete Children's Health this month ... read more

6382_8ebb12df31_small January 22, 2014 by Megan Bannister

Des Moines When Dustin Hemesath and his wife got married in 2007, they decided to help celebrate her father's 60th birthday on RAGBRAI in lieu of a honeymoon. There was just one problem. "I hate biking," Hemesath told Silicon Prairie News. "I hate it. So riding RAGBRAI wasn't necessarily on the top of my list." ... read more

6396_7739e7a4da_small January 21, 2014 by Jordan Pascale

Lincoln SynerScan Technologies, a healthcare software startup, is changing its name. The Lincoln-based company will rebrand under the name Nobl, which CEO Brett Byman says reflects the startup and healthcare's mission... read more

6381_fc9abad563_small January 20, 2014 by Fred Bauters

Kansas City What do you do as a parent when your 3-year-old daughter says, "You need wine"? Or what about when she's 4 years old and, when asked if she needs to take a nap, responds with "No, I wanna power through." If you're most parents, you laugh and wish someone else was in the room with you. Or maybe you tweet it out. Or text your friends. For mom Joy Moeller, those moments with her daughter are incredibly important and she does what she can to keep them organized creatively, in volumes, using Shutterfly and other applications ... read more

6378_c3b9250754_small January 16, 2014 by Jordan Pascale

Lincoln Travefy, a site dedicated to simplifying group travel planning, announced changes for the site Wednesday. Among the new features ... read more

6370_18b772df3e_small January 10, 2014 by Fred Bauters

Kansas City It's no secret the first months after graduation typically are a grind for college students eager to land a career that puts their degree to good use ... read more

6365_f5d8c35ac6_small January 8, 2014 by Jordan Pascale

Las Vegas EyeVerify won "Rookie of the Year" and "Technology Innovation" in the Compass Intelligence Mobility Awards during the Consumer Electronics Show Wednesday. More than 50 veteran analysts and journalists voted on the nominees... read more

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