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4964_b88f605cbd_small November 2, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Yankton Silicon Prairie News: You spent several years in magazine publishing before opening Ben's Brewing Co. What led to your decision to make such a significant career shift? | Ben Hanten: I don't see publishing as being a lot different than running a bar. Both types of businesses need to be run like a campaign in order to be successful. Both require you to work long, erratic hours. Both involve creative marketing campaigns. I think publishing prepared me well to run bars. | SPN: Looking back at year one of the Wire Me Awake conference, what stands out as one thing you might do differently in the future and one smashing success? | BH: We really have been overwhelmed … read more

4409_726577a6fc_small July 5, 2012 by John T. Meyer

Yankton You really can never get enough inspiration and motivation by networking and hanging out with creative individuals and expert speakers, can you? The Midwest has another event to add to its list with the emergence … read more

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