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6518_effe89f8a2_small February 24, 2014 by Caleb Ulffers

Omaha Silicon Prairie News is thrilled to welcome entrepreneur, innovator, author and sustainable food system activist Ellen Gustafson to Big Omaha this year. Over the past decade, Ellen has gained extensive experience developing the conversation and examining the compelling juxtaposition of the incline in both starvation and obesity. Food Tank, FEED, The 30 Project and Change Dinner ... read more

February 21, 2014 by Jordan Pascale

Omaha It's a different kind of code school—a home code school. Paige Yowell of the Omaha World-Herald tells the story of how Burch Kealey brought his kids and neighbor's kids into his home every week to teach them how to code on Raspberry Pi machines… read more

6509_cbe7f197e5_small February 21, 2014 by Jordan Pascale

Omaha Omaha Code School begins in four days, but students got a big surprise Thursday when the school announced $14,500 in scholarships. The scholarships will help offset the $6,000 in individual tuition for the program's 14 students… read more

6508_63dec6f820_small February 20, 2014 by Jordan Pascale

Omaha Thursday's cold, snowy, slushy weather is primetime to huddle inside your home or office and order takeout. But in Omaha, it's pretty limited to restaurants like Jimmy John's and pizza places, says Thang Nguyen, co-founder of DliveryPal, a local food delivery app, similar to services like Seamless ... read more

6493_e7d5f4da45_small February 17, 2014 by SPN Newsroom

Omaha It's no secret that our editorial team loves hearing about what's going on in the Midwest tech and startup community. But, try as we might, we're not always able to cover every company or report each development a startup may have. That's where the Weekly Recap comes in... read more

6492_3153f65310_small February 17, 2014 by Joey Wolfe

Omaha On Thursday evening, more than 100 members of the Omaha startup community joined the Silicon Prairie News team for our first meetup of 2014. We also took the opportunity to announcement that Twitter co-founder Evan Williams will be speaking at this year's Big Omaha… read more

6489_ef9421afa2_small February 15, 2014 by Jordan Pascale

Omaha Prairie Portraits is a weekly set of questions intended to help the community get to know someone from the Silicon Prairie startup scene a little bit better. Prairie Portraits feature a fixed set of questions ranging from career background and personal perferences to, perhaps, off-the-wall questions on YouTube videos and entrance music. read more

6487_c1033a09df_small February 14, 2014 by Jordan Pascale

Omaha Fifty days of events in the next 106 days. Entrepreneurs will be in for quite the tidal wave of events from now through June after Thursday's first Startup Community Event Draft. More than 50 Omahans attended the draft in which nearly every participant volunteered to put on an entrepreneurial-related event that will get up to $400 from the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce ... read more

February 14, 2014 by Jordan Pascale

Omaha Flywheel, the Omaha-based WordPress hosting site for creatives and designers, is spreading the love this Valentine's Day. They're allowing users to share their love for designers that make our world more beautiful. They launched Friday in honor of Valentine's Day where they’ll be aggregating love notes from people who finish the sentence “I <3 designers because….” read more

6484_88230fd9f1_small February 14, 2014 by Jeff Slobotski & Caleb Ulffers

Omaha Thanks to everyone who joined us last night at Krug Park—we had a great time catching up. If you couldn't make it, you may not have heard about our latest speaker to join this year's Big Omaha slate. We’re extremely excited to announce that Evan Williams is coming home to Nebraska to speak at this year’s event… read more

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