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6584_9ba632a500_small March 18, 2014 by Kara Tabor

Columbia What if a startup was created to ask burning questions, boost others' creativity and invite you to participate? The What If…? Conference will bring its brand of learning through questioning to Columbia for the first time. Set in ... read more

6536_0295ca80a9_small February 28, 2014 by Katy Schamberger

Columbia If you’ve spent any time on the Internet, there’s a good chance you’ve run across the term "API,” which stands for application programming interface. Simply put, an API is defined as a set of programming instructions and standards that guide access to a Web-based software application or tool, such as telling Facebook to post an Instagram photo. The definition seems simple enough, yet the concept is complex—sort of like the difference between understanding the definition of a website and trying to build one ... read more

January 30, 2014 by Fred Bauters

Columbia Located smack in the middle of Missouri, Influence & Co. has been making a name for itself in content marketing and thought leadership by building brands. Now, Forbes is taking notice. The Columbia, Mo.-based startup, which has grown to 45 employees since it was founded in 2011, was ranked No. 72 on the publication's list of America's Most Promising Companies... read more

6310_836ffdba45_small December 9, 2013 by Fred Bauters

Columbia The news got out on Newsy's brand of multi-source digital video journalism, as one of the industry's biggest players, E.W. Scripps Company, has acquired the Columbia, Mo.-based startup for $35 million in cash ... read more

6287_bbb4780182_small December 3, 2013 by Sarah Darby

Columbia Internship hunting just became easier in Columbia, Mo. The REDI Downtown Incubator will host an open house and intern fair tomorrow, Wednesday, Dec. 4, for students and community members ...  read more

6217_959f51d9dd_small November 7, 2013 by Kara Tabor

Columbia Sitting in the REDI Incubator in downtown Columbia, Mo., Matt Fischer talks about the disposition that drives his entrepreneurial spirit ... read more

6199_1faca5ac40_small October 31, 2013 by Sarah Darby

Columbia Square co-founder Jim McKelvey went on the road last week with a message to aspiring programmers: You don’t need a college degree to make a six-figure salary. Hackton, Columbia’s new community space for programmers, hosted McKelvey on Oct. 24, where he spoke to Silicon Prairie News and a crowd of more than 50 about his latest endeavor, LaunchCode ... read more

6177_b17442324a_small October 22, 2013 by Sarah Darby

Columbia Sites like Etsy have become increasingly successful in recent years. Hundreds of thousands of designers now have a platform to sell their work on such sites ... read more

6171_f41f33cc0f_small October 21, 2013 by Sarah Darby

Columbia Drew Halliday had his biggest "ah-ha" moment while sitting in class at the University of Missouri—more than a third of the students around him were checking social media, but none were invested in the social opportunities available nearby. “I found it slightly strange that we were all kind of buried into our technology, looking at information that comes from outside of the room,” Halliday (right) said in a phone interview. “I think all students inside of the classroom are inherently interested in each other, but there’s no easy way for students inside of a classroom to connect with each other.” ... read more

6167_6e5dac4bcc_small October 17, 2013 by Sarah Darby

Columbia Influence & Co. doesn’t write press releases, create advertising or manage social media accounts. The brand-building company ... read more

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