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Big Omaha
6824_592f4f10a0_small May 9, 2014 by Julia Hogren

Omaha Chase Jarvis thinks creativity is the new literacy, and by that, he means “creativity is the fundamental building block of the solution to every problem the world has ever seen, has ever known and will ever know.”  ... read more

6821_3b81703791_small May 8, 2014 by Kate Brosseau

Omaha Big Omaha speakers Eric Ryan, Laura Weidman Powers and Jason Johnson fielded questions ranging from how to improve company culture to hurdles they've had to overcome.   Q: What doesn’t show up on your resume? Eric Ryan: ... read more

6820_c02eb2ba7b_small May 8, 2014 by Joey Wolfe

Omaha As we blaze through Big Omaha week, we wanted to give you a glimpse into the minds and experience of Big Omaha attendees. Throughout Thursday and Friday, look out for these spotlights to learn more about who is attending Big Omaha this year read more

6819_3496d31450_small May 8, 2014 by Patti Vannoy

Omaha “The Demo Coach” Nathan Gold didn’t have anything new to share at Big Omaha. “It’s all been said before. It’s all in the books, it’s all in videos,” ... read more

6818_1d9d19598c_small May 8, 2014 by Chris Wolfgang

Omaha Andrew Brooks, co-founder of Internet of Things company SmartThings, woke up the after-lunch crowd at KANEKO today with a presentation on enabling smart homes while also enabling innovators to solve their industry's problems. The SmartThings product Brooks ... read more

6813_380593c1f0_small May 8, 2014 by Kate Brosseau

Omaha The Burke High Bulldog drum line upped the high-energy ante of Big Omaha. The eight-member team kicked off the school-spirited theme of Big Omaha, a two-day event that attracts and inspires entrepreneurs and tech gurus across the U.S. Aside from giving them one last chance to play in public, instrumental music director Nicholas Spath also wanted to expose his students to the contagious entrepreneurial spirit within the KANEKO space. read more

6817_54162bdffd_small May 8, 2014 by Julia Hogren

Omaha When Jason Johnson was a kid, he witnessed his single mother stress over paying rent, an experience that would shape his entire career. He decided then and there that he never wanted to be poor—instead, he wanted to ... read more

6816_3739295d24_small May 8, 2014 by Kate Brosseau

Omaha Fighting Dirty Method co-founder Eric Ryan is no stranger to tackling giants. Ten years ago, he and co-founder Adam Lowry launched method, a line of cleaning products, among heavy hitters such as Proctor & Gamble. Against the grain ... read more

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