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4184_048db93847_small May 21, 2012 by Royce Haynes

Kansas City Lantern launched today with the aim of helping users find things around them that they couldn't find before — namely, deals. Lantern, which is now live in Google Play, has a unique spin on how merchants divvy out coupons and how Lantern users can cash those coupons in for huge savings. Unlike many daily … read more

4177_df28bf1365_small May 18, 2012 by Royce Haynes

Kansas City Thad Langford, the former CEO of Zave Networks and current entrepreneur in residence at OpenAir Equity Partners, spoke on Tuesday at the Technology Entrepreneur Speaker Program (Tech ESP). Tech ESP is a speaker series held in Kansas City that aims to highlight Silicon Prairie entrepreneurs, their stories and their successes. Langford (left) talked about experiences, lessons learned and the issues and challenges that led to Google's acquisition of Zave Networks in 2011. After Zave Networks was acquired, Langford joined OpenAir Equity Partners, a venture capital firm focusing on the mobile and wireless … read more

4141_4371cab93d_small May 11, 2012 by Royce Haynes

Omaha From quirky facial expressions to cheerful smiles, photos captured in the Big Omaha photo booth showcase friends, colleagues and cities that make up the Big Omaha community. Thanks to the work of Malone & Company, the photos have been posted online, but we've picked out a few here to give you a flavor of this year's wackiness. If you've missed making an appearance in one of the photos so far, make sure either jump in the booth at KANEKO … read more

3837_136bf79805_small April 26, 2012 by Royce Haynes

Kansas City Managing content for a business can be stressful and time intensive for companies without a plan and a simple process. Take, for example, a company selling a software product. There's product information in press releases, on the website, in the web API, in a flyer, in the user documentation and in the customer support materials. The content created is the sum of information from engineers … read more

3838_c1cd7505e7_small March 23, 2012 by Royce Haynes

Overland Park Kansas City Information Technology Professoinals (KCITP) on Wednesday hosted InfoSec Night, an event to highlight information security and its role in consumer electronics. Staged at the Regneir Center on the campus of Johnson County Community College, the event featured a keynote delivered by Symantec CEO Enrique Salem. A hackathon-style session followed Salem's address, and networking among the more than 250 information … read more

3464_cca599c0eb_small February 8, 2012 by Royce Haynes

Prairie Village KC Cowork, a new coworking space located at 3500 West 75th Street in Prairie Village, Kan. is hosting a happy hour tonight at 5 for entrepreneurs, investors, consultants and freelancers. Opened in 2011 by Five Elms Capital and Think Big Partners, KC Cowork is an office space with the goal of bringing talented people together to learn from each other's experiences. Legal Sonar, a Kansas-based startup, offices in and manages KC Cowork … read more

3321_ed1c07025d_small December 16, 2011 by Royce Haynes

Kansas City If you're familiar with Amazon's Wish List feature, which allows users to add practically any merchandise to their wish list from any website, LivThis built a similar software plugin that aims to provide online shoppers an alternative option for collecting online items all in one place. Kansas City native and LivThis founder Ryan Bennett moved back home after a stint in Silicon Valley to pursue LivThis even stronger … read more

3143_f26687de12_small November 10, 2011 by Royce Haynes

Kansas City The Kansas City Area Development Council (KCADC) had its annual luncheon, Fast KC, last Friday and shared progress on regional commerce and plans for the future of Kansas City region. The progress report indicated Kansas City has fostered significant job creation, with the expansion of companies like Cerner boosting the regional economy. Bill Taylor, co-founder of Fast Company and recent author of Practically Radical, was Fast KC's keynote speaker. Taylor delivered a talk about innovation and leadership in business. The speech centered around … read more

3064_78263fa6bb_small October 24, 2011 by Royce Haynes

Des Moines Thinc Iowa's afternoon session Friday began with Ben Milne, who is (or should be) a known name to Silicon Prairie News readers. Milne is the CEO and co-founder of Dwolla. He started the company based on a problem he had with his previous startup: high interchange fees. With an understanding of interchange fees, a term used in the banking industry to describe fees paid between banks, Milne wanted to change how payments are made … read more

3051_fc9524ef44_small October 21, 2011 by Royce Haynes

Des Moines Andy Murray, the founder and chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi X, kicked off Thinc Iowa as the first speaker today at the Temple for Performing Arts in Des Moines. Murray discussed the common challenges that both corporations and startups share and focused the rest of his talk on the five themes that make entrepreneurship in corporations and startups creative. Five T.I. Takeaways … read more

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