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1843_04273d736f_small February 24, 2011 by John T. Meyer

Sioux Falls (Photo by TJ Nelson via Facebook.) Sioux Falls' own conference, OTA Sessions, has announced the complete speaker lineup for their April 1st event and this year's event has a special Silicon Prairie feel. That's right, our own Jeff Slobotski and Dusty Davidson, will be two of the headline speakers for the sessions. This year will be the second installment of the OTA Sessions which strives to "shatter the… read more

1842_df21963900_small February 24, 2011 by John T. Meyer

Omaha (Editor's Note: As part of contributor John T. Meyer's "Tools for the Trade" series, I've asked him to introduce and post a presentation he and his brother gave earlier this year under the activities of their social marketing company, 9 Clouds.) Last month my brother, Scott, and I had the opportunity to lead one of the AIM Institute Technology Breakfast Seminars at the Gallup Riverfront Campus. It was a great event which brought out about… read more

1806_ddcbac4a94_small February 16, 2011 by John T. Meyer

Being an entrepreneur is pretty awesome, right? We love being our own boss and seeing our ideas come to life. But being an entrepreneur is not so easy either. There are many days you wake up and ask yourself what the hell were you thinking quitting that day job and bootstrapping it? Thankfully, we have communities like Silicon Prairie News to hear about others like us and to be inspired and motivated. However, often that storyline has the same melody: founder has idea; founder believes… read more

1732_17feb90968_small January 31, 2011 by John T. Meyer

(Left: Storenvy CEO Jon Crawford) It's been a great winter on the Silicon Prairie for companies receiving funding. Now, with news from last week, we can add a former Prairie-based startup to that list, as well. The social commerce community Storenvy, which got its start in Kansas City in 2008, just secured $1.5 million in seed funding. Their website states, "Storenvy is a social marketplace for discovering awesome stuff from real people," and it seems that real people are discovering this awesome stuff. According to the January 27th TechCrunch article covering… read more

1697_149e5a5d28_small January 21, 2011 by John T. Meyer

Sioux Falls Last night, the South Dakota online community celebrated with the unveiling of the first annual South Dakota Socie Award winners, which was put on by Sioux Falls marketing firm, Click Rain, and regional newspaper, Argus Leader. Over the past couple weeks, nearly 400 social media enthusiasts cast… read more

1682_2c51f20619_small January 18, 2011 by John T. Meyer

Sioux Falls We've all read the stats on the number of users on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. Even in a place like South Dakota, vibrant online communities have sprung up and have yielded some fine social media personas. Two Sioux Falls companies have teamed up to recognize South Dakota's finest online with the first annual South Dakota Socie Awards. The two companies collaborating on this project are an interesting blend between traditional media, The Argus Leader (South Dakota's largest newspaper), and an online marketing firm, Click Rain. read more

1613_5cefaaf7af_small January 7, 2011 by John T. Meyer

We've all been there before, it's Friday night and you're trying to coordinate with all your friends what the plan is for this weekend. Through various phone calls and text threads things quickly become confusing and no one knows what is going on. What if everyone could join the same team and be on the same phone call or text thread? Seems pretty simple, right? Well, thanks to Fast Society, they finally found out an easy way… read more

1619_79345c9ca3_small December 30, 2010 by John T. Meyer

Sioux Falls (Photo by TJ Nelson.) After a successful debut in 2010, the OTA Sessions conference will be back on the Silicon Prairie April 1st at the historic Orpheum Theater in downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The OTA Sessions, which gets its name from the -OTA states (South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota) seeks to give a chance for Midwesterners to shatter the perception that creativity and thought leadership live solely on the east and west coasts. read more

1611_22c78f7702_small December 28, 2010 by John T. Meyer

Today, we have a lot of relationships to manage. You may have 1,000-plus friends on Facebook or a couple thousand followers on Twitter. Now maybe you're just way more popular than I am and are used to managing so many relationships, but for me it's not an easy task. Thankfully, creative entrepreneurs are trying to find new ways to solve this problem and Hashable is a definite step in the right… read more

1563_1b8934fdbc_small December 14, 2010 by John T. Meyer

Often the tools that are simple and easy are the ones that make my life better. I'm not always concerned with the amount of features or the stellar design, but instead a clean, easy-to-use application that does the job. Domainr fits that bill. Domainr is a fast search tool that, as they put it, "helps you explore… read more

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