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2378_9380f238f6_small June 13, 2011 by John T. Meyer

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the simple yet effective tool called The Hello Bar. Deemed the "fun, unobtrusive yet … read more

2245_8d44b01094_small May 16, 2011 by John T. Meyer

Omaha The past three months have been a whirlwind for Neil Blumenthal. On February 15, he and his co-founders launched Warby Parker with features in GQ and Vogue. Three weeks after launch, his designer frames and eyeglass company shattered their one year target sales goals, sold out of their top 15 styles, and had a waiting list of 20,000 customers. The audience at Big Omaha was lucky to have Blumenthal come and talk about his company, and I … read more

2243_289d4949ee_small May 13, 2011 by John T. Meyer, Royce Haynes & Michael Stacy

Omaha More than half of Big Omaha 2011 is now in the rearview mirror — or, given the conference’s theme, the space shuttle equivalent thereof — but there’s plenty packed into the portion of the conference that remains. This morning, we'll hear from another spectacular slate of speakers: Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerMedia, Philip Kaplan, a San Francisco-based entrepreneur, Neil Blumenthal of Warby Parker and Micah Baldwin of … read more

2239_f3e4348ebe_small May 12, 2011 by John T. Meyer

Omaha Dan Martell lives and breathes entrepreneurship. In fact, Martell is pretty sure his parents believe he is un-hirable. Martell is the co-founder of Flowtown, a serial angel investor and on the board of Startup Weekend. As Dan says, "If you're an entrepreneur, I'm your biggest fan." He's also very proud to be Canadian. The topic of Martell's talk was "5 Unconventional Steps to Entrepreneurship." Here are some highlights: Martell started … read more

2203_25b1fe784b_small May 6, 2011 by John T. Meyer

Detroit Last week, I was able to attend and speak at the FutureMidwest conference in Detroit. The conference was made up of about 800 designers, developers, marketers, and creatives across the Midwest (primarily Michigan natives). Like Big Omaha, FutureMidwest is in its third year, has a cow for a mascot, and put together an awesome event that really captured … read more

2176_f67635a67b_small May 3, 2011 by John T. Meyer

Building products that people want to use and adopt is never easy. But building a product people want to use and still keeping it … read more

2137_0c3824c801_small April 20, 2011 by John T. Meyer

My mom raised me to always remember the importance of the thank you note. Whether it was a birthday, graduation, or Christmas, the events were always followed by thank you notes. Although the common thank you has evolved today, only someone as clever as internet humorist and creative, Ze Frank, could find a way to use technology to make thank-yous fun again. Frank … read more

2020_77305df3a4_small April 4, 2011 by John T. Meyer

Tickets to the Victoria Secret fashion show. Backstage tour passes with Kelly Clarkson. A free trip to Napa Valley. All of these things and more are possible with Facebook promotions and sweepstakes through Wildfire. The Wildfire app allows you to easily conduct fun, interactive promotions for brand marketing on the Facebook platform. Wildfire is based in Palo Alto, Calif. and has really caught fire (pun intended) in the last 12-18 months. … read more

1891_dc68a25aa1_small March 8, 2011 by John T. Meyer

Omaha For the second year in a row, Chevy is teaming up with South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW) to conduct the ultimate road trip to Austin. This year's competition will have a particular Omaha flavor with a team from Omaha being one of the 10 teams from nine different North American cities driving to Austin. As a member of the Omaha team and a contributor to Silicon Prairie News, I'm excited to be one of five residents of the Silicon Prairie region taking off… read more

1873_c31206e10b_small March 8, 2011 by John T. Meyer

Launch day — the moment your startup, blog, business, or new idea had circled on its calendar. The process of getting to that day can be arduous, and perhaps what you launch isn't really the finished product or service you want to display. There has to be an easier way, right? Say hello to LaunchRock. LaunchRock is a slick web app that allows… read more

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