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2440_6ce3bdf1ce_small June 22, 2011 by Jeff Slobotski

Omaha Today, we're pleased to share with the you the fourth video in our Big Omaha 2011 Video Series, brought to you by CoSentry. In the video above, Shervin Pishevar, managing partner at Menlo Ventures and former chairman of Social Gaming Network, shares very personal stories from his childhood as an Iranian immigrant and life lessons he's learned through his experiences. It's a story of his evolution of gaining the confidence to believe in … read more

2425_e660282946_small June 20, 2011 by Jeff Slobotski

Omaha Today we're pleased to share with the you the third video in our Big Omaha 2011 Video Series, brought to you by CoSentry. In the video above, Sarah shares her experiences with emerging entrepreneurs from around the world, which she documented over the last few years for her book, "Brilliant, Cocky, Crazy: How the Top 1% of Entrepreneurs Profit from Global Chaos." In her talk, Sarah said that the greatest barrier to innovation is making … read more

2417_89afb5e94e_small June 17, 2011 by Jeff Slobotski

Omaha Many commuters travelling east on I-80 into downtown Omaha have most likely noticed the impressive artwork on the grain elevators to the north of the interstate. If you're not familiar with the project, it's called Stored Potential, and it spurred out of an idea to do something visionary with a location that many of us have come to know, and driven past … read more

2408_20e80b2245_small June 16, 2011 by Jeff Slobotski

Omaha Today we are thrilled to unveil the second video in our Big Omaha 2011 Video Series, brought to you by CoSentry. In the video above, Bo Fishback, co-founder and CEO of Zaarly, a proximity-based, real-time buyer powered-market which rolled out its platform on May 19 (six days after this talk), provided insight around the process of announcing, building and launching a product within a matter of months. read more

2369_de73085033_small June 14, 2011 by Jeff Slobotski

Omaha Today we are thrilled to unveil the first video in our Big Omaha 2011 Video Series, brought to you by CoSentry. Kicking it off is Marc Eckō, the founder and chief creative officer of Marc Eckō Enterprises, a billion dollar full-scale global fashion and lifestyle company, and the founder of Artists & Instigators, a venture innovation company. In this talk… read more

2341_c56352cb3f_small June 5, 2011 by Jeff Slobotski

This Sunday's video comes from TechCrunch TV's Founder Stories where Chris Dixon interviews Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit. It's another great watch in the series, and Dixon does a good job of digging into Ohanian's ideas around leadership and hiring in his time as a successful entrepreneur. Enjoy, and here's to another exciting week ahead on the Silicon Prairie! read more

2333_7bc0b173c1_small June 1, 2011 by Jeff Slobotski

Omaha As we near the fourth week since Big Omaha came to a close, I've been thinking of a lot of things over the past few weeks. As a community, we were collectively a part of creating something great this year, and I believe it's more than an emotion. The desire to create, innovate and build something exceptional is present in all of us. One of the things we at Silicon Prairie News would like to hear is how you've taken what you've learned and experienced at Big Omaha … read more

2255_8ad1659753_small May 17, 2011 by Jeff Slobotski

Omaha As we roll into the new week following last week's amazing Big Omaha festivities, we wanted to pause to share a few thoughts with you. First off, thank you! Thank you for supporting what we've built over the course of the last three years culminating in Big Omaha 2011 where over 600 people came in from over 20 states and three countries. Six-hundred individuals who now have returned home with the inspiration, energy, drive, motivation and vision … read more

2199_13fc508a69_small May 5, 2011 by Jeff Slobotski

Omaha We're excited to announce two amazing speakers to the slate for Big Omaha: United States Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra and Startup America Partnership's Erich Broksas. Chopra, who serves as an assistant to President Barack Obama and associate director for technology within the Office of Science and Technology Policy, will speak on the administration's innovation agenda. Following his presentation, he will field questions in … read more

2171_c9fc19221d_small April 28, 2011 by Jeff Slobotski

We're just two weeks away from Big Omaha 2011, and we want to share a conversation we recently had with Dan Martell, co-founder of Flowtown, a company focused on providing web-based tools that allow small businesses to measure their online marketing efforts. In November, Silicon Prairie News contributor John T. Meyer wrote a Tools for the Trade piece on Flowtown. Martell has an interesting entrepreneurial background, and that's why we're thrilled to have him in the lineup for this year's event … read more

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