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5946_9eb9c84d23_small July 27, 2013 by Guest Contributor

Omaha A design patent is a patent that typically protects the ornamental design of a functional object. For example, jewelry, food containers, and computer icons are all examples of functional objects that can have an ornamental design that can be protected by a design patent. International protection for designs is very expensive for U.S. filers. Currently, foreign filing for design applications is governed by provisions of the Paris Convention. There are currently 174 members to the Paris Convention … read more

5926_742fe21bbb_small July 21, 2013 by Guest Contributor

Kansas City Since coming to Kansas City, I often get asked how the area stacks up to the valley. My answer is simple: This city reminds me of the valley six years ago. The biggest thing missing is the influx of talent. We are in an age with startups popping up like daisies and companies going public at a rate faster than what we have seen in almost a decade, where talented individuals have the upper hand over the businesses. The Kansas City startup community is struggling to locate and convince that talent to move to this area ... read more

5741_959c45f90a_small May 22, 2013 by Guest Contributor

Omaha (Guest post by Paige Reitz.) Today is the day every nonprofit in town wants you to know about. From midnight to midnight, it's Omaha Gives—a 24-hour charitable challenge organized by the Omaha Community Foundation to rally the entire city to give to the local causes they care about. The minimum donation to give is set low ($10) on purpose. While Omaha Gives is about raising as much money as we can as a city in 24-hours, it is also about showing that when we work and give together, we can make a significant impact for our local nonprofit organizations who work day-in and day-out to support our city. And Omaha Gives is not just … read more

5666_6acec22c26_small May 5, 2013 by Guest Contributor

Kansas City (Guest post by Melissa Roberts) It's tornado season, and there's a storm brewing in Kansas. Government bureaucrats and startups are churning toward each other. But lately, when they meet, they're working together to encourage lightning-fast Internet around our state. In a time when political ire is at an all-time high, it can be shocking to see state government leaders and local businesses work together toward a larger goal. Enter Kansas H.B. 2326, a bill that encouraged a hands-off approach to regulation of Internet-based networks. … read more

5662_649d50e13f_small May 5, 2013 by Guest Contributor

Omaha Almost five ago, I was having a beer at Crescent Moon with a man I'd never met before. His name was Jeff Slobotski. He was pitching me his concept for Big Omaha. He had recently partnered with Dusty Davidson (who I knew from his web development shop Brightmix) to launch Silicon Prairie News, a media site centered around celebrating entrepreneurial efforts in the Midwest. Big Omaha was to be the in-person manifestation of their ideas—an event … read more

5636_50dafaef94_small April 30, 2013 by Guest Contributor

Omaha Oxide is honored to have had the opportunity to work with the fine people over at Silicon Prairie News for all five years of Big Omaha. During this time, the Giant Cow has taken on a variety of forms. From the literal Giant Cow illustrations of year one and two, to the completely conceptual letters to the Cow of year four. For this year, we wanted to capture the feeling of being the next big thing. Of being glamorous and—dare we say—fabulous. Taking our … read more

5592_622433a366_small April 21, 2013 by Guest Contributor

Kansas City Late last year over lunch, I was complaining about the lack of diversity in tech to Hack of the Sexes co-founder Jason Carrigan. He challenged that we should do something about it. Although our original idea of a boys vs. girls challenge in the tech space sparked a lot of controversy, much of the heat came from people who were opposed to the premise and thought that dividing the sexes is counter-productive and a step backward. We believe that providing a friendly competition where women are challenged to work … read more

5593_e027d5f2d5_small April 20, 2013 by Guest Contributor

Omaha Sometimes, when you look back, a single moment in time can have so much more impact on the path we are on than we think. Big Omaha is one of those. Four years ago, I responded to a tweet from a girl who lived in Omaha. A week later, on Skype, she said I should check out her brothers conference in Omaha. That I should go. I signed up for the waiting list. She introduced me to her brother … read more

5586_0748f59315_small April 19, 2013 by Guest Contributor

Lincoln Black Girls Code: a bold name for a bold organization. Kimberly Bryant founded the San Francisco-based nonprofit last year with a mission to close the gap of women and people of color in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) fields. She is getting young girls interested in technology by introducing them to programming. After a successful year of holding workshops across the nation and abroad to introduce thousands of girls to tech … read more

5453_7b751d5ba5_small March 23, 2013 by Guest Contributor

Omaha Inventors—if you are not practicing your sprint drills…you should be. The race to the Patent Office has begun and there is no ribbon for second place. Prior to March 16, 2013, the United States was a first-to-invent country. Although there could be exceptions to the rule, the date of invention in the United States was determined upon execution of a two-step process that included: 1. Conception; and 2. Reduction to practice. Conception was the touchstone of inventorship and represented the … read more

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