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908_43c5653e38_small May 16, 2010 by Adam Templeton

Omaha Big Omaha 2010 has come and gone, but the entrepreneurial zeal is still resonating throughout the city! The chairs are folded, KANEKO is oddly silent and sadly, the coolers of free Red Bull are no more. But with any luck, the impact of so much creativity packed into such a relatively small space should keep enthusiasm high until next May rolls around. During the event, I caught up with some of the Lincoln attendees, Brad… read more

904_165b9f7672_small May 14, 2010 by Adam Templeton

Omaha 8:32 a.m. The doors are open, the breakfast table is stocked and the mic's gettin' tested… Big Omaha 2010 is underway! Jeff and Dusty should be taking the stage in roughly 30 minutes for the day's opening speech. We'll check back in with you then! | 9:11 Jeff and Dusty are on stage. Here we go, folks! | 9:21 The crowd looks bigger and bolder than last year's, and the Silicon Prairie News guys have been working overtime to make sure Big Omaha 2010 is in… read more

879_babf95fdc8_small May 8, 2010 by Adam Templeton

Lincoln Some of you may remember the last time we chronicled the inner machinations of Green Bein' Productions at the tail end of 2009. Well, the nascent video game company's first product is about ready to break out of its beta cocoon and take to the skies of full release. Collin Caneva (left) and the rest of the team at Green Bein' are expecting to launch the full version of… read more

726_394deabd25_small March 17, 2010 by Adam Templeton

Lincoln Office pools, friendly bets, alma mater rivalries…almost everyone has some stake in NCAA March Madness. Whether you just can't wait to wipe the smug grins off co-workers' faces, or you kind of, sort of, maybe put your house up as collateral, most people will find some utility for reflect7's new Final Madness iPhone / iPod Touch app. "We just wanted to… read more

685_f34a2bc5d4_small March 2, 2010 by Adam Templeton

Lincoln Half a dozen entrepreneurial hopefuls walked away $1,000 each after being declared the winners of the 2010 Make it Happen – Student Quick Pitch Competition last Thursday, February 25. The competition, sponsored by the Nebraska Center for Entrepreneurship, Southeast Community College Entrepreneurship Center, Lincoln Public Schools' Entrepreneurship Focus Program and the… read more

623_2fc013c8e1_small February 8, 2010 by Adam Templeton

Lincoln When you think about it, Google is a bit like God. People look to both for answers on every topic imaginable, and those same seekers of knowledge actually have little to no idea how either one really works. Thankfully, Toby Schroder of Fierce Robot, a search engine optimization startup that's been his full-time job for a little over a year, is on the case – at least as... read more

622_3ef5f0c203_small February 5, 2010 by Adam Templeton

Lincoln Putting a local spin on the popular worldwide BarCamp format, Lincoln gave entrepreneurs around the state the chance to attend camp. Awesome Camp, that is. Hosted January, 30 at red9, the gathering of business-minded startup owners, freelancers and developers lacked a concrete schedule right up until the minute it started. Instead of following a rigid agenda, attendees signed up to give 30-minute read more

589_3906d9d9ec_small January 20, 2010 by Adam Templeton

Lincoln Awesome Camp, an upcoming event celebrating Lincoln's sundry entrepreneurs, has set its sights on stamping out the mundane nature of the business meeting. Dubbed an unconference, Awesome Camp has no fixed agenda. Instead, it will... read more

555_7c4357e4ad_small December 27, 2009 by Adam Templeton

Lincoln Video games have come a long way in the past three decades. They've gone from austere collections of pixels and 8-bit sound effects to a widely recognized artistic medium proudly standing toe-to-toe (and sometimes beating out) the film and music industries. Around the United States, local governments have taken notice of video games' profit potential, handing out incentives for new studios like candy on Halloween... read more

December 21, 2009 by Adam Templeton

Lincoln Jessica Quick was awarded first place in the graduate track for Top to Bottom Baby Boutique, a retail cloth diaper store which will open in Omaha next year. There's that old mantra, "nothing ventured, nothing gained." Nearly 30 teams ... read more

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