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6671_0d6e04d9b2_small April 4, 2014 by Joey Wolfe

Omaha Every year our Big Omaha family grows larger as folks from more than 200 cities across the country and the globe join to be inspired to follow their passions and empowered to build their companies. Silicon Prairie News is thrilled to welcome every new attendee, and we’ll always have a special place in our hearts for the friends who have been with us since the beginning ... read more

6665_c28852a95f_small April 3, 2014 by Fred Bauters

Kansas City Accelerators are popping everywhere around the Silicon Prairie and nationwide, but there isn't much out there to make sure entrepreneurs are well-equipped to get accepted or start on day one. NEXT, a pre-accelerator program backed by Startup ... read more

6669_f239cbc699_small April 3, 2014 by Fred Bauters

Kansas City NASA's International Space Apps Challenge is landing in Kansas City April 11-13 again this year, back at digital marketing agency Ingenology. Registration is still open for web developers, designers, content developers and anyone else interested in building solutions ... read more

6668_f8607b14a1_small April 3, 2014 by Megan Bannister

Kansas City In October Kansas City-based app creation studio RareWire announced its first in-house app, Spine, a social platform to help users tell "micro-stories." Now, with the help of filmmaker Adam Carpentier, RareWire walks you through the process of creating the app with a 10-part documentary series ... read more

6664_140708727b_small April 3, 2014 by Jordan Pascale

Lincoln Entrepreneurial experts from the Kauffman Foundation and Pew Charitable Trusts say Nebraska is in pretty good standing when it comes to state policy that fosters entrepreneurship. But there's always room for improvement, said Dane Stangler, vice president of research and policy at the Foundation. "Overall, Nebraska is doing well (compared to other states where we've given talks), "Stangler said after the event. "Nebraska has good assets in the legislature and an engaged community from what we can tell ... read more

6662_2b92d56be2_small April 2, 2014 by Megan Bannister

Des Moines Things have been going pretty well for Des Moines startup Change—the point-of-sale app just surpassed 225,000 transactions, garnered 10,000 downloads and its team is prepping to unveil a new feature. So the Change team decided a celebration was in order ... read more

6659_3bc08a6349_small April 2, 2014 by Megan Bannister

Cedar Rapids Last month Omaha joined the list of international CoderDojos, hosting an event attended by nearly two dozen 13- to 17-year-olds in Omaha's Old Market. Now another Midwestern city—Cedar Rapids—is adopting an open source, volunteer-led program that teaches kids to code, too ... read more

April 1, 2014 by Jordan Pascale

Omaha Interface School is launching a 10-week summer web course in Lincoln—July through September—where students can learn web basics as well as intermediate and advanced curriculum… read more

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