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2516_451ad9950f_small July 8, 2011 by Danny Schreiber

Now playing in Omaha and opening in Kansas City later this month, "Page One: A Year Inside the New York Times" is a must-see film for those interested in the rapidly changing landscape of journalism. Directed by Andrew Rossi, the documentary takes a behind the scenes look at the operations of the Times during a period in which turmoil in the … read more

2513_586738622e_small July 8, 2011 by Michael Stacy

Omaha No computer glitches here. Unlike what went on at Cape Caneveral this morning, the launch of the Weekly Wrap-Up was never in doubt. Danny Schreiber and Jeff Slobotski did their best Armstrong and Aldrin in hosting today's WWU. Danny was decked out in an oh-so appropriate Big Omaha shirt to celebrate the launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis, and Jeff rocked a Wu-Tang-themed Johnny CupCakes shirt to celebrate … well, that SPN ain't nuthin' ta — ahem — mess with. On a day filled … read more

2515_cdf79b7c9c_small July 8, 2011 by Geoff Wood

Des Moines A huge thanks to the nearly 100 members of the Des Moines community that came out to Amici Espresso last night for the first Silicon Prairie News Des Moines Meetup. It was a great chance to connect with longtime readers of the publication and also meet a few new faces. We were there a mere two hours but managed to clean Amici out of Peroni … read more

2512_56eb9b651e_small July 8, 2011 by Michael Stacy

Des Moines Getting cold feet about making that cold call? Introvio hopes to help reduce those chills by cultivating a warm contact. Formally introduced to the world yesterday in a blog post by creator Mike Templeton, Introvio is a platform that leverages the network effect … read more

July 8, 2011 by Brittany Mascio

We're excited to bring you our 61st Opportunities on the Prairie today, with positions with AEA Integration and Princess Lasertron in Omaha, Palisade Systems in Des Moines … read more

2510_865d18d7c1_small July 7, 2011 by Michael Stacy

Omaha An Omaha-area business is one of 10 companies that have been chosen from more than 11,000 entrants to vie for a social media makeover from Facebook and a $20,000 prize. Elkhorn-based Fat Brain Toys will compete against nine other companies for one of five trips to Facebook headquarters for a two-day social media training session and cash prize … read more

2477_77ce5b84de_small July 6, 2011 by Danny Schreiber

Published every Tuesday (one day late this week), Prairie Moves keeps our readers informed about career moves, media coverage, product development, and more from the companies and individuals we cover on Silicon Prairie News. If you or your company would like to submit one of the items below for our next Prairie Moves post, please email And if you have suggestions … read more

2506_972c2c896f_small July 6, 2011 by Danny Schreiber

Omaha In William Fisher's post this morning, "Sorry…but your baby is ugly!", the serial entrepreneur and angel investor made no apologies for the honest and direct feedback he regularly gives to entrepreneurs who pitch their ideas to him. "I try to inject humor; I try to be direct," Fisher wrote, "I try to let them know that it is only my opinion and that others may easily see the beauty in their creation." Though Fisher … read more

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