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2108_1b92c92b8c_small April 15, 2011 by Danny Schreiber

Omaha Mentioned this week: "Challenge: 25 Silicon Prairie angel investors on AngelList," "Persistence rewarded as Jonathan George gets Boxcar on track," Guest post by Jeff Morris: "'I’d pay Zaarly to hire me for a two-month contract,'" Big Omaha app preview from Andy Peters:, Infotec, Thinc Iowa and Big Omaha read more

2107_3a43ea5396_small April 14, 2011 by Geoff Wood

Des Moines The Technology Association of Iowa released photos today from last Thursday's 2011 Prometheus Awards, the event which honors the top companies and individuals in technology from across the state in the last year. To see this year's full list of winners, see our post: "Prometheus Awards recognize Iowa’s top tech companies." The following are select photos from TAI's official photographer, to see the full album visit read more

2090_0527bfba4c_small April 14, 2011 by Brittany Mascio

Omaha Inspired by Android's support for voice control, Jesse Andersen wanted to take the functionality of voice commands and fuse it with a user-friendly way to take advantage of the feature. His solution: Push Actions. Push Actions is an application supported by Android OS that acts as the "voice" in the voice command process. Instead of speaking an action for the phone to perform, users type the action from their computers by visiting Andersen said … read more

2092_986ec9b17e_small April 14, 2011 by Willis Jackson

Wichita A startup with ties to Wichita, Kan. received a great round of press at the close of March. Boxcar, a notification dashboard previously only found on iOS devices and the web, was released as an app for Mac. On the day of the release, March 31, Boxcar was covered by TechCrunch, Read Write Web, Business Insider and Macworld. Interested to learn about the story behind the startup, I set out to learn more about what Boxcar does. While other applications make it easier for you to check… read more

1848_6c0b65b530_small April 14, 2011 by Geoff Wood

Last November we announced that we'd be putting together the inaugural Silicon Prairie Annual Report to "serve as a recorded benchmark for our entrepreneurial ecosystem for 2010 as well as an annual measurement of our progress in the future." We undertook this project with the best of intentions, planning to tabulate analytical information on the six tenets of an entrepreneurial ecosystem as well as recognize the top individuals working on advancing those tenets. We also planned… read more

2098_a8025a2c99_small April 13, 2011 by Royce Haynes

Kansas City Picture a weekend-long event in which you could meet new people, promote your idea and take that idea to the next level in just under 54 hours. I know, the thought of taking that idea to a social event and bringing it to fruition in a weekend seems insane, but this is exactly what happens at Startup Weekend. …  read more

2101_0a356a97c5_small April 13, 2011 by Geoff Wood

Des Moines On this week's PrairieCast Andy Brudtkuhl and I were joined by guests Macy Koch organizer of Startup Storm at Simpson College and Zach Cox of Pongr. Discussed this week: Prometheus Award winners, Big Omaha adds three speakers and sells out of tickets, Q&A with Josh Inkenbrandt of Inkstagram, Sojern brings Yahoo! veteran Mark Rabe aboard as CEO, Brad Dwyer Guest… read more

April 13, 2011 by Brittany Mascio

We're excited to bring you our 51st Opportunities on the Prairie today with positions from Oxide Design Co. and In Hand Deals in Omaha, Firespring in Lincoln, Appcore in… read more

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