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2741_5d11a2898b_small August 19, 2011 by Danny Schreiber

Santa Monica In the latest travelogue of the globe-trotting Silicon Prairie News team (well, not quite "globe-trotting" yet), I've landed in the City of Angels to attend this weekend's Startup Weekend event at Coloft. While this is purely a personal trip on my personal budget … read more

2738_0132233b2a_small August 19, 2011 by Tom Chapman

Omaha So, you are not an entrepreneur, but you want to engage in the Silicon Prairie community. What should you do? First, I question whether or not you are an entrepreneur. In my opinion, entrepreneurship looks a bit like a bell curve. While most people are not as entrepreneurial as Richard Branson, many could become entrepreneurs if the right stimuli … read more

August 19, 2011 by Brittany Mascio

We're excited to bring you our 66th Opportunities on the Prairie today, with positions from Eyeking in Omaha, Tabitha and Hudl in Lincoln, Google Fiber and Digital Evolution … read more

2735_5e15ca0e9a_small August 19, 2011 by Michael Stacy

Des Moines Could it be that — gasp! — the power of the Swoosh trumps the seemingly unstoppable force of nature known as Bieber Fever? Certainly not in the eyes of True Beliebers — by whom we now half expect to be barraged with angry emails. But a new infographic … read more

2722_cc2b548312_small August 18, 2011 by Danny Schreiber

Published Tuesdays and Thursdays, Prairie Moves keeps our readers informed about career moves, media coverage, product development, and more from the companies and individuals we cover on Silicon Prairie News. If you or your company would like to submit one of the items below for our next Prairie Moves post, please email And if you have suggestions … read more

2731_9aefec6679_small August 18, 2011 by Michael Stacy

Kansas City Announcing a notable addition to our "Kansas City companies we'll keep a closer eye on" file: Zave Networks, which recently raised $10.6 million, according to an SEC Form D filing on Aug. 9. Zave Networks, founded in 2006 and based in Kansas City, Kan., is a digital promotions and information management company that links online and mobile advertising … read more

2733_c0735d74ef_small August 18, 2011 by Michael Stacy

Google and the Associated Press announced this week that they will sponsor the new AP-Google Journalism and Technology Scholarship program, which will provide $20,000 scholarships for the 2012-13 academic year to six undergraduate or graduate students pursuing or planning to pursue degrees at the intersection of journalism, computer science and new media …  read more

2732_759d8ff292_small August 18, 2011 by Michael Stacy

Omaha Pardon the oh-so-uncreative way I'm introducing this, but … area creatives, mark your calendars. A week just for you is on its way back to Omaha. Omaha Creative Week … read more

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