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2763_9b05944894_small August 24, 2011 by Michael Stacy

Des Moines Dwolla today announced a private beta of a new iOS platform, called Proxi. The new technology from the Des Moines-based startup will allow users to convert their Dwolla-enabled devices (iOS for now, with Android and Windows Phone soon to follow) into movable Spots, seamlessly making and taking payments without additional hardware like NFC or dongles, which are prerequisites of other mobile payment systems. Dwolla's new feature uses GPS technology to give users a real-time … read more

2765_ae7d868107_small August 24, 2011 by Michael Stacy

Des Moines Not able to make it out to tonight's Dwolla meetup at Americana (1312 Locust St. in Des Moines)? Not to worry; we'll have it here. Tune in starting at 6 p.m. for the meetup, which will feature the unveiling of Dwolla's latest innovation, Proxi (we'll have more on that on Silicon Prairie News in just a few minutes). Plus, in their traditional meetup fashion … read more

2762_13cb79f3f1_small August 24, 2011 by Geoff Wood

Des Moines I love that our friends in the larger publications in Des Moines are writing more and more about the startup community in the area (did you see Juice just highlighted "The Startup Scene" as part of their "Hot in Des Moines" issue?), and I was especially excited to see that the Business Record ran a story on entrepreneurial education in Iowa's largest universities, "Students see benefits to entrepreneurial studies." Writer Kyle Oppenhuizen interviewed … read more

2761_1b3efc08f9_small August 24, 2011 by Geoff Wood

Des Moines Always planning ahead, Andy prepared our 52nd episode since I was scheduled to spend the week across the street as a dutiful juror at the Polk County Courthouse. However, the trial wrapped a good 20 minutes before showtime, so I jumped in the second chair to join guests Norah Carroll of Lava Row and Mike Colwell of the BIZCI and … read more

2754_f720af9545_small August 24, 2011 by Brittany Mascio

Des Moines There are plenty of ways to discover new music, but for Jake Kerber, who struggles with Top 40 radio and finds joy in the sounds of his community, there wasn’t an option for local music. So Kerber started Locusic to help users find the beats in their own backyard. Locusic is one of seven entries in the Dream Big Des Moines contest, which seeks the top tech-based business ideas in central Iowa. The top vote-getter in an online poll … read more

2760_d3cabfcdf2_small August 24, 2011 by Michael Stacy

For regular readers of Silicon Prairie News, none of what's discussed in the Aug. 19 Fox Business article "How to Become a Growth Company in a Small Market" is necessarily … read more

2759_0eb1b7a36e_small August 24, 2011 by Brittany Mascio

Omaha On Tuesday, Twilio released the winners of its Twilio Client Developer Contest, and What Cheer's Bumble took home one of the five winning titles. Bumble … read more

2753_562d5c2d2b_small August 23, 2011 by Brittany Mascio

Des Moines The Bat-Signal is out across the state of Iowa for all types of heroes, and bHeroic is the startup behind the shining light. Born not in the streets of Gotham City but in the Des Moines community at Startup Weekend 2011, bHeroic, also known as Unleash Heroes, is a free social game that encourages ordinary heroism by tracking and rewarding acts of volunteerism. … read more

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