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2746_6e18d45350_small August 22, 2011 by Brittany Mascio

Des Moines We're two months from the inaugural Thinc Iowa conference, and we are humbled by the response of our community and pleased to announce six more sponsors who will help us build this event. Please help us welcome our newest sponsors: Notifyworks, Torsion Mobile, RecoEngine, SeedHere, LiveStream and Microsoft BizSpark. We'd like to extend … read more

2686_c7b905a3e7_small August 22, 2011 by Brittany Mascio

Des Moines Between piano lessons, Mandarin classes and chess camp, 9-year-old Emma Renaud found time this summer to ask a follow-up question to the childhood curiosity of where babies come from. "My mom was putting away some baby bibs, and I asked how new parents got the essentials they needed for their baby," Emma said in a Skype interview last week. "She said if they are lucky, they have family to help them, or they have to go get it for themselves." It was this conversation that sparked Emma's inner entrepreneur. With the help of Emma's father … read more

2745_ea2db51d8e_small August 22, 2011 by Michael Stacy

Kansas City The information technology community along State Line Road got a nice tip of the hat today from a fairly prominent publication on Wall Street. A story in today's Wall Street Journal on "Where the Action Is" highlighted Kansas City, with its burgeoning IT community, as one of seven up-and-coming industry hubs across the country. The story also featured Indianapolis, Indiana (life sciences); San Antonio, Texas (cybersecurity); Albany, N.Y. … read more

2744_18e7665a36_small August 22, 2011 by Michael Stacy

Des Moines As college students get back into the swing of things at school this fall, Des Moines-based startup Fampus is hoping to make itself a prominent part of their planning. Fampus is a social network that aims to be a one-stop shop for all the events happening on and around a given campus. … read more

2742_711dec5be6_small August 22, 2011 by Brittany Mascio

Buckle your seat belts for a wild ride this week. Eight events will have you bouncing back and forth between Omaha, Des Moines and the respective surrounding areas. To kick things off, Tuesday in Lincoln will feature the first of two VBA Silicon Prairie events on Angel Investing. Later that evening in Des Moines … read more

2743_df1bf10e04_small August 21, 2011 by Michael Stacy

Santa Monica Will we witness the start of another Zaarly story tonight? Only time will tell if any of the teams at the current Los Angeles Startup Weekend can chart the same trajectory as Zaarly, the proximity-based, real-time, buyer-powered market founded by a team led by Kansas Citian Bo Fishback. Zaarly won LASW in February, closed a $1 million seed round …  read more

2737_c776d088dc_small August 19, 2011 by Michael Stacy

Omaha In terms of noteworthy 101s, today's Weekly Wrap-Up was right up there with the likes of Cruella De Vil's desired dalmatians and the West Coast's marquee motorway. Or something like that. Yeah, so we're hurting for a unique intro to today's show. So, yeah, we're milking the whole "close enough to the 100th WWU to still comment on that milestone" thing. But what else are we going to talk about, the weather? Why, yes. Yes we are. There was a deluge of weather-related chatter on today's WWU … read more

2741_5d11a2898b_small August 19, 2011 by Danny Schreiber

Santa Monica In the latest travelogue of the globe-trotting Silicon Prairie News team (well, not quite "globe-trotting" yet), I've landed in the City of Angels to attend this weekend's Startup Weekend event at Coloft. While this is purely a personal trip on my personal budget … read more

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