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2250_122fc57dd2_small May 23, 2011 by Kate Ellingson

Omaha Since its inception in 2009, Big Omaha has been held at KANEKO, an "open space for open minds that nurtures and promotes creativity in the arts, sciences, and philosophy." In addition to the permanent and exhibiting art collections housed at KANEKO, Big Omaha invites a select group of artists to add a unique element to its conference with installations or exhibitions geared towards attendees. At this year’s event, Peerless’ Caleb Coppock, Daphne Eck … read more

2244_82dd25c13d_small May 23, 2011 by Michael Stacy

Omaha The man is a Big Omaha institution — insomuch as a person can be considered an institution at an event that's less than half a decade old. Making his third appearance at Big Omaha in three years, Gary Vaynerchuk said the conference is a special one for him. "This event means a lot to me for a lot of reasons," he said at the start of his talk on May 12. "To watch this event grow has been exciting for me, and I really appreciate coming out here." He continued … read more

2284_c4339e2513_small May 20, 2011 by Guest Contributor

Omaha (Editor's Note: With today's release of the Dear World: Omaha photos, we're also pleased to have the opportunity to share with you a letter from the startup's founder, Robert X. Fogarty.) Dear Silicon Prairie News Readers, Here is a secret that you may know. It's one that others now tell. Omaha is a fly to—not over—place. As a Nebraska native, I’m proud to announce Omaha, as the second Dear World city, and I am honored to kick it all off at Big Omaha 2011. read more

2272_2af3dcf09a_small May 20, 2011 by Geoff Wood

Des Moines On this week's PrairieCast Andy Brudtkuhl and I were joined by Danny Schreiber, Robert Murphy, Andy Stoll and Shane Reiser, who offered their reactions to last week's Big Omaha. Also, we're evolving PrairieCast and would love to have your input. Please fill out this quick, three-question survey … PrairieCast is a live podcast, recorded … read more

2279_94a18e3303_small May 20, 2011 by Brittany Mascio

Omaha Whether they're sidestepping down a department store aisle, racing to a drug store or taking a virtual stroll online, few women see shopping for beauty products as a walk in the park. Nailing down the products that work best, from skin tone to hair texture, can be an arduous process to say the least. But, Julie Mahloch, founder and CEO of Xuba, said the process shouldn't be so hard, and what she has created … read more

2282_352275f1c3_small May 20, 2011 by Danny Schreiber

Omaha Mentioned this week: Filming live from blanc burgers + bottles, "Silicon Prairie News Meetup on May 25 at blanc burgers + bottles." Big Omaha recap – Thanks to the many involved! "Introducing William Fisher’s View from the FishBowl: ‘Why me?’ " "Zaarly app now live, offers being posted on the Silicon Prairie" "Join us Monday for … read more

2280_6fd2acbf5b_small May 20, 2011 by Geoff Wood

Des Moines Anna Jones' view of the Des Moines startup community comes from a unique perspective: behind a camera lens. Jones operates her business, Anna Jones | Art of Photography, from Des Moines full-time, documenting everything from babies to weddings to commercial projects. As of December, she's also on her way to establishing herself as the photographer of choice for events throughout the startup community. "This ties in … read more

2271_ad174d3afc_small May 19, 2011 by Michael Stacy

Omaha In introducing United States CTO Aneesh Chopra on May 12 at Big Omaha, tech enthusiast and blogger Robert Scoble painted the picture of what he believes are a few clouds hovering over the nation’s technological landscape. But it wasn’t long before Chopra stepped to the stage and pledged to chase those clouds away. "I’m going to make him happy again," Chopra said. "My job today is to convince all of you that there’s never been a better time … read more

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