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This team member, freelancer or consultant made a mark on a startup's product by providing an amazing user experience or beautiful design. And the finalists are… read more

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They could be a developer, engineer or programmer on staff, or they could be a freelancer. But a startup's product wouldn't have been quite the same without them. And the finalists are… read more

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Even though it may have been bleak at times, or maybe it was a smooth ride, but they led their company to remarkable success. And the finalists are… read more

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This Silicon Prairie Award goes to an incredible project—marketing campaign, physical product, hardware, app, website, anything—that innovates or re-imagines. And the finalists are… read more

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This award is for the young'n that has, within the last year, grown from idea to full-fledged force somewhere on the Silicon Prairie. And the finalists are… read more

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This is the one everyone's talking about. They're making headlines, headed toward long-term success. And the finalists are… read more

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Kansas City It won't be long till we're all looking elegant and dapper August 21 at Midland Theatre in Kansas City, celebrating another year of growth and success across the region at the Silicon Prairie Awards. We've seen unique story lines unfold in our three core regions... read more

July 28, 2014 by SPN Newsroom

Every Monday Silicon Prairie News' editorial team will share some of the interesting regional content we've read as well as SPN's most-read stories over the last week… read more

The polls are open!

Through August 22, help us decide the winners of our inaugural Silicon Prairie Awards, which will recognize 12 companies and individuals. You can vote once per day per category.
Winners will be announced live on stage at
our August 30 event.