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3030_5b5c0ef08a_small October 20, 2011 by Kate Ellingson

Lincoln Hurrdat Social Media, a Lincoln-based social media firm, held an open house last Friday to celebrate moving into new offices in the Haymarket in downtown Lincoln. I caught up with the company's founder and CEO, Blake Lawrence, before the event and asked him how the company’s Athlete Engagement Program, which we covered before its August launch, was doing. Lawrence told me that Hurrdat now has more than 100 athletes on the platform … read more

3031_3726dde795_small October 20, 2011 by William Fisher

Omaha OK. We know our audience, and we have down cold both the industry and the company we are pitching. Now, let’s make some sausage. I like to get those I work with to follow some simple rules that I have witnessed that are effective. My idea of a perfect pitch is one that tells them up front in five minutes what you are going to tell them, then tells them exactly that in a 30 minute presentation, and then summarizes what you just told them in the last five minutes … read more

3024_e75565eb5d_small October 20, 2011 by Royce Haynes

Kansas City No matter how in tune you are to the social calendar, there's always something going on in your town that you miss simply because you didn't know about it … read more

3033_bd13214702_small October 19, 2011 by Michael Stacy

Omaha The Greater Omaha Chamber has informed Silicon Prairie News that Dusty Reynolds will take over as the Chamber's new director of entrepreneurship and innovation, effective Nov. 14. Reynolds will be part of the Greater Omaha Economic Development Partnership, whose mission is to increase business, investment and employment in Greater Omaha. In his new role, Reynolds will work to identify opportunities for new companies … read more

3032_146c16e1fd_small October 19, 2011 by Michael Stacy

San Francisco Singly co-founder and Cascade, Iowa resident Jeremie Miller will present the fruits of his company's latest labors today at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, and indications from both inside and outside the Singly camp are that Miller's talk could mark an important step in the direction of how people manage personal data online. Miller's presentation, which will air at 4:40 p.m. CDT, is entitled "A Radical Vision for Life." According to an email yesterday from Singly's Lindsay Crittendon, the talk will outline the company's "vision for the future of personal data." As part of the … read more

3023_7ca440be3c_small October 19, 2011 by Michael Stacy

Des Moines Headed to Thinc Iowa but haven't had time yet to study up on all the presenters? Not to worry; we can help you cram before Friday. We did our homework on all the Thinc Iowa speakers so that you can brush up on them before you sit down at the Temple for Performing Arts on Friday morning. Here's a little of what … read more

3028_b5f002b0e1_small October 18, 2011 by Michael Quinlan

Omaha Tom Miller thinks small. 40k small. That’s the size restriction called for by most ad agencies in online banner advertising today. “That’s what I take a lot of pride in, the ability to squeeze large amounts of visual information into teeny, tiny ad restrictions," Miller said. "That’s where I get a lot of my repeat business.” Miller is a freelance designer and Flash developer working out of What Cheer’s office space in the ever-evolving Mastercraft building … read more

3029_d69a2aaba0_small October 18, 2011 by Michael Stacy

New York City We wrote a story late last month when T8 Webware unveiled Grip at Finovate Fall 2011, and CEO Wade Arnold joined us on PrairieCast earlier this month to discuss the new product and the Finovate experience. Now, we have video to share of Arnold and T8 product manager Ben Metz at Finovate introducing Grip to the masses. You can view that video … read more

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