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3574_2bc98df116_small February 3, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Omaha Bio: Aspiring well funder. Penn State Alumni. Front-end web dev., amateur investor, home brewer and newly minted triathlete. | Title: Partner and Brewmaster at GoodTwin Inc. | Age: 29 | City: Omaha, Neb. | Website: | Twitter: @amwirick | Linkedin: | Intro music: "Saeed" by Infected Mushroom | Silicon Prairie News: Adam Nielsen, your partner at GoodTwin, called your November arrival "a shift in strategy and culture" for the company. How has that shift manifested itself the last couple of months? | Andrew Wirick: Adam and I have taken time daily to focus on the non-urgent but very important issues that are key for GoodTwin's success. We've already changed the physical space …  read more

3573_c501a40d4f_small February 3, 2012 by Christopher New & Michael Stacy

Des Moines As we reported in a story published Thursday, more than 400 people attended Iowa’s first Startup Fair, held Wednesday evening in six venues across the state. Designed to create valuable connections between the startup and broader business communities, the free event included exhibits from more than 100 … read more

3416_165f335ba6_small February 2, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Overland Park Imagine you own a small business and a dissatisfied customer tweets about your company's service. Soon more people latch on to that negative nugget and pass it along via their social networks. For a business that isn't properly prepared, one thought can turn into a tide of negativity. But Rich Neal believes his company has just the tool to sniff out and snuff out those threats. Neal is the chief envisioneer, chief information officer and director of … read more

3567_ddd17b8432_small February 2, 2012 by Danny Schreiber

Since TECHdotMN launched a little more than two years ago, I've followed the tech industry in my home state of Minnesota thanks to the work of two individuals, Jeff Pesek and Mike Bollinger, co-founders of the site. With a mission similar to ours at Silicon Prairie News, Pesek and Bollinger have built an authoritative outlet to showcase original reporting, curated media coverage, a comprehensive calendar of events … read more

3568_bc4dad7c73_small February 2, 2012 by Geoff Wood

It had me thinking that though we're not all looking towards $5 billion IPOs for our startups, we may have something in common with the soon-to-be-über-rich Californian: the need to keep from being distracted. The startup community in the Silicon Prairie is growing. It's starting to mature but it's still early – one founder referred to it as "puberty" – and our current stage is one where more and more events are being planned and executed. It's a really exciting time and on some days you can schmooze, network … read more

3566_2c79ae85d8_small February 2, 2012 by Geoff Wood

We are pleased to announce that Sticker Mule is the latest company to lend their support to Silicon Prairie News. Sticker Mule is the company that has produced those awesome Big Omaha, Thinc Iowa and Silicon Prairie News stickers that you see covering laptops and pretty much anything in the region with a smooth surface for the last year. In addition to SPN … read more

3561_5c1d4c87d0_small February 1, 2012 by Christopher New

Des Moines Given the record temperatures on the last day of January, Tuesday evening's Iowa Startup Fair could probably have been held outdoors at the state fairgrounds. But since meteorologists' predictive powers are still far short of Nostradamus, the crowd at StartupCity Des Moines, Amici and other area locations would have to just crack some windows to approximate that fairground feeling. As it was, six locations between Des Moines, Pella and Cedar Rapids opened as public, free exhibition … read more

3564_25873578ed_small February 1, 2012 by Geoff Wood

Des Moines This week on PrairieCast, we're joined by Marco Santana, The Des Moines Register's new technology and startup reporter, as well as our own Michael Stacy. We talked through all the news and notes from Pipeline's Innovator of the Year festivities and looked back on the Gigabit Challenge to discuss what it means to the region. This week in our new Fast Four … read more

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