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3600_66cb19c0d0_small February 9, 2012 by Kate Ellingson

Lincoln Unite Private Networks and the City of Lincoln will form a joint public-private partnership to place a grid of telecommunication fiber in downtown Lincoln. Lincoln mayor Chris Beutler outlined the plan during a press conference today, where he said that the city will finance a grid of conduits that will ultimately hold fiber from Unite and be open to any other communication company. The city will own the conduit, and Unite will maintain it. Any telecommunication service providers will be able to install fiber in the conduit. … read more

3605_f71f481c26_small February 9, 2012 by Geoff Wood

Des Moines As you may be aware, the anticipated and recently rumored Series B funding news broke this week for the good folks at Dwolla in Des Moines. This round totalled $5 million and was not only raised out-of-Iowa but out-of-Silicon Prairie, with money coming in from both coasts. As rumored, the round was led by New York-based Union Square Ventures. Union Square, and its principal Fred Wilson (left) … read more

3595_d299223094_small February 9, 2012 by Danny Schreiber

Kansas City Leap2, a Kanas City, Kan.-based startup that launched its iPhone app in November, released its Android app on Wednesday, bringing wider distribution to its new take on searching the web on mobile devices. Leap2, a Kanas City,Kan.-based startup that launched its iPhone app in November, released its Android app on Wednesday, bringing wider distribution to its new take on searching the web on mobile devices. "You don't have to go to a page of search results any more," Mike Farmer (below), founder of Leap2, said in a phone interview on Saturday, "you can go direct to the website … read more

3601_e901d466fb_small February 8, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Des Moines Bio: A Des Moines native with entrepreneurial parents responsible for raising me with a strong work ethic and passion to build things. Constantly looking to listen and learn — from what music I should queue up to a great book or blog I should be reading. | Title: Lead Interactive Designer at Hatchlings | Age: 24 | City: Des Moines, Iowa | Website: | Twitter: @lyndsayclark | Linkedin: | Intro music: I may be partial (my brother is in the band), but I can’t get enough of St. Lucia’s "We Got It Wrong." | Silicon Prairie News: You joined Hatchlings during what CEO Brad Dwyer calls a "re-startup" phase for the company. What does that mean to you, and how do you see it manifested … read more

3597_9c8a70b619_small February 8, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Des Moines Been there. Done that. Have the foursquare badge. For folks that make the rounds in Des Moines, that's now a possibility, thanks to a grassroots effort led by Chris Snider and his students at Drake University. foursquare announced today that Des Moines is one of five cities nationwide that earned its own badge in the foursquare city badge contest. foursquare, the popular, location-based mobile app that's a social network and rewards platform, last month challenged people to create and … read more

3596_95c1b0852a_small February 8, 2012 by Geoff Wood

Des Moines Not one but two Mikes joined us this week on PrairieCast. Mike Colwell, director of the Business Innovation Zone in Des Moines and Mike Ferrari, co-founder of SmartyPig (now Social Money Systems) both sit in to discuss the big news that broke early on show day, Dwolla's $5M Series B raise, as well as the recent news from SmartyPig including a name change … read more

3594_33823b722b_small February 8, 2012 by Michael Stacy

West Des Moines If it’s Friday and it’s lunchtime and Ben Sinclair isn’t at Performance Marketing’s West Des Moines offices, it’s a pretty safe bet where he is instead. He’s making a beeline to the buffet line. Mind you, he’s not there for the fare — Sinclair gives the food a review that’s lukewarm at best — but to satisfy another appetite. “The food isn’t the best,” Sinclair said. “But it’s mainly an excuse to get together and talk about radio stuff.” Sinclair, 33, is a developer of Web … read more

3538_63bbd9873a_small February 8, 2012 by Kate Ellingson

Lincoln The Turbine Flats Project is an "idea community" in Lincoln that began in 2008 with 22 people and 11,500 square feet. Today, some 75 employees work in the space, which has undergone one addition and is in the midst of a second. In December we covered ISoft Data Systems and the company’s CEO, Matthew Wegener. ISoft Data Systems is part of the Turbine Flats Project, which essentially started when ISoft out-grew its old offices and relocated its four employees into a larger space on 9th Street in … read more

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