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3881_852122812e_small March 29, 2012 by Brittany Mascio

Omaha Tickets for Big Omaha 2012 have sold out, but there still could be chance to grab one. We've opened up the waitlist and have plans to release a limited number of tickets starting Tuesday, April 3. We're trying our best to include every who wants to attend Big Omaha while keeping in mind our venue's capacity and the event's intimate feel. Up until the week of the event, we'll add as many … read more

3880_17eb532308_small March 29, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Silicon Prairie News: What's the transition been like for you going from digital director of one church to working for a MonkDev, which caters to all kinds of churches and ministries? | Justin Wise: On the surface, the two fields appear to have nothing in common. What does being a pastor in Christian ministry have to do with forming organizational web and social media strategies? As it turns out, more than I thought. I began to see the power behind online community. What it meant when an organization effectively translated their mission online. It's more than just updating Twitter and Facebook. It's giving people a voice they didn't know they had. Ultimately I'm about people. Working in the church and now at MonkDev both deal with people. … read more

3879_184bf92774_small March 29, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Des Moines Some time has passed since we first reported on the inaugural i2iowa Investors and Innovators Forum, and in the interim lots of details have emerged about the April 12 event. i2iowa will feature a pair of keynote speakers familiar to readers of Silicon Prairie News. Christian Renaud, a principal at StartupCity Des Moines, will deliver the opening keynote, "Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Evolution." Scott Case, the CEO of … read more

3818_42ff34aba3_small March 29, 2012 by Geoff Wood

Thankfully, the group of local and national companies who are supporting the work of Silicon Prairie News online continues to grow! We can't express our thanks to them enough, and we would very much appreciate you thanking them, too (or better yet patronizing their services). … read more

3808_20285d530b_small March 28, 2012 by Michael Quinlan

Omaha An idea born out of a small Omaha company looking to get more exposure and return on investment from its own local self-storage facility advertising has grown into one of the nation's leading online self-storage directories. is an Omaha-based online directory for shopping, comparing … read more

3856_ba0e33ac8b_small March 28, 2012 by Adrienne Baughman

Ames Matthew Rizai, CEO and managing director of WebFilings, knows a thing or two about startups. In the 1990s, Rizai led Engineering Animation Inc. (EAI), which went public in 1996 and has since morphed into other entities. Today, his exacting focus is on scaling WebFilings, the company he built in 2008 with trusted key players from his EAI days. "Our management team is one of our competitive advantages … read more

3877_11c004534e_small March 28, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Kansas City Startup Weekend will chug into Kansas City for the first time this year April 13-15 at Union Station. During Startup Weekend, teams devote 54 hours to building a web or mobile application that could form the basis of a credible business. Things get underway Friday evening with participants coming together and introducing ideas for startups. … read more

3875_4c89e4256a_small March 28, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Cedar Falls Silicon Prairie News: After working to land a job in a new city in the throes of a recession (Denver in 2008), what are some of the most valuable lessons you came away with? | Bryan McCarty: Your 8.5x11 resume really doesn't mean squat. It's all about getting your foot in the door in creative ways. Personality goes a long ways. Go introduce yourself and shake a hand. An email will never keep up with that. Learn to be in the right place at the right time. Be okay with rejection. Fail and grow from it. Always chase your dreams. … read more

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