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3584_58397a167d_small February 6, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Lincoln Bio: Do-Gooder, information gatherer, data nerd, pop culture observer, made in Nebraska | Title: Director of Community Outreach, Nebraska Global | Age: 34 | City: Lincoln, Neb. | Website: | Twitter: @amandanebr | Linkedin: | Intro music: "There's Always Someone Cooler Than You" by Ben Folds | Silicon Prairie News: As the person in charge of organizing Nebraska Global's philanthropic and service work, how have you seen building software companies and serving the community complement each other? | Amanda Garner: It's about problem solving. We volunteer time to help organizations solve problems to make our community … read more

3583_d8ceca30e2_small February 6, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Kansas City Google announced in a blog post published in the wee hours this morning that crews in Kansas City are ready to begin construction of the company's much ballyhooed ultra high-speed fiber network. "We’ve measured utility poles; we’ve studied maps and surveyed neighborhoods; we’ve come up with a comprehensive set of detailed … read more

3581_6c2246c586_small February 6, 2012 by Geoff Wood

Des Moines Tune in Tuesday at 2 p.m. for Episode 73 of PrairieCast streaming live from Des Moines. Our guests this week are Social Money Systems (née SmartyPig) co-founder Mike Ferrari (far left) and BIZ director Mike Colwell (near left). The big change at SmartyPig is tops on our agenda, and of course your favorite new segments Fast Four and Andy's Stat of the Week will be … read more

3576_2bcd1c5ab8_small February 6, 2012 by Geoff Wood

Des Moines We'd like to welcome the the latest sponsor to lend their support to Silicon Prairie News, Internet Solver. Since we opened the Silicon Prairie News office in Des Moines nearly one year ago, Dave Weis and his team have been our chosen provider for bandwidth. In October, Internet Solver kindly came in as an in-kind sponsor of Thinc Iowa, providing the strong wifi the day of the event. … read more

3579_fe28e5243c_small February 5, 2012 by Danny Schreiber

Brad Feld, an early stage investor and entrepreneur, shared a series of personal stories to a group of Standford University students in October, in part illustrating how his fulfilling life as an entrepreneur has come with challenges, too. As a follow up to Willis Jackson's post on Saturday, "Why our community needs Startup Spouses," I wanted to share the video below in which Feld reflects … read more

3378_7669d13da0_small February 4, 2012 by Willis Jackson

Kansas City (This is a commentary by Willis Jackson.) When I first started out on my entrepreneurial journey, it was almost impossible to find people to talk to. I spent three to five hours a night combing through Google search results for three consecutive weeks because I was determined to get connected with people that could understand what I was going through. At the end of my search, the only event that seemed like a good fit for me was KC Roundtable, which at the time … read more

February 4, 2012 by Dusty Davidson

Every day I comb through my Google Reader reading sites like Hacker News and others, and star articles that are especially interesting about startups, entrepreneurship and miscellany. read more

3558_7ede70f555_small February 3, 2012 by Danny Schreiber

Published Tuesday and Thursday (one day late this week), Prairie Moves keeps our readers informed about career moves, media coverage, product development and more from the companies and individuals we cover on Silicon Prairie News. If you or your company would like to submit one of the items below for our next Prairie Moves post, please email And if you have suggestions on how we could improve these posts or any of … read more

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