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3681_ee7772a994_small February 24, 2012 by Geoff Wood

It's almost the end of February and we want to take a quick moment to thank the organizations who have stepped up to support the efforts of our online publication. This group has been great to work with and we would really appreciate if you would let them know that you appreciate their support of Silicon Prairie … read more

3675_ab1123c9e4_small February 23, 2012 by Michael Stacy

For a project that's expected to enable uploads and downloads at ultra-fast speeds, Google Fiber has come into focus at a plodding pace. But thanks to reports that surfaced over the weekend and early this week, people are beginning to connect the dots between recent Google activity in two Silicon Prairie hubs. First, several outlets reported over the weekend that Google had submitted an amended application to the Federal Communications Commission for permission to build an antenna farm on the same … read more

3676_17d65293ed_small February 23, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Overland Park SocialVolt, an Overland Park, Kan. startup that makes social media management … read more

3673_bfceb099bb_small February 23, 2012 by Danny Schreiber

Kansas City One year ago, Bo Fishback, then president of Kauffman Labs in Kansas City, returned home from a weekend trip to Los Angeles with one thing on his mind: Zaarly. Today, that one thing is his full-time job. Over the past 365 days, Fishback took a frustration – at 6 feet 8 inches tall, he longed for a way offer other airline … read more

3668_de9a200dc9_small February 22, 2012 by Geoff Wood

Des Moines This week we were joined by two guests, old friend Chris Burns of West Des Moines-based Shift and PrairieCast first-timer Jimmy Winter of Omaha's VoterTide. We discussed recent news related to VoterTide as well as Fast Company's "Most Innovative" list which included two startups with Silicon Prairie ties, Dwolla and Zaarly. This week on the Fast Four … read more

3669_2a7bfabc00_small February 22, 2012 by Brittany Mascio

Omaha One week has passed since Silicon Prairie News held Omaha's first Startup Job Crawl, and if you were one of the more than 200 students to join our tour de startups, you probably walked away seeing where the potential lies in the local community for mentors, connections and potential employment. Now, it's time to sift through the business cards and make the most … read more

3672_807abd6631_small February 22, 2012 by Michael Stacy

Kansas City Silicon Prairie News: As someone who works for a big corporation but who has the "heart of an entrepreneur," what's your view of the role large companies can play in sparking entrepreneurship and innovation? | Kris Nessa: Every company is or was a startup. Every company wants to grow, go public and makes lots of money. Every company wants to be a Fortune 500 company. Can you hustle to create a billion-dollar company? Or would you rather create the billion-dollar idea with help from a solid foundation and go to market faster? I happen to work for one of those well-known startups in Kansas City. I love being challenged with one of the biggest problems facing all of us today, health care. … read more

3671_2c8876e2b0_small February 22, 2012 by Macy Koch

Des Moines Tikly, an online ticketing service in Des Moines, today is rolling out its custom web and ecommerce system, a new version that allows users to create ticketing events on their own. "The first chapter of Tikly was a ticketing service that we built out using a third party ecommerce system," Emma Peterson, the 22-year-old founder and CEO of Tikly, said. "We proved the concept worked using the system, so we … read more

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