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4107_019ba98637_small May 14, 2012 by Kate Ellingson

Lincoln This spring, Croplife awarded the Aphid Speed Scout app the “Top Best Mobile App for Agriculture,” and the winners couldn’t be happier. “It’s an honor, it was really exciting when that came through and it was picked for number one,” said Wayne Ohnesorg, Extension Educator in Madison County at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension. Ohnesorg came up with the idea for the app, and team members Mark Hendricks and Ruchi Agrawal developed it. The team says the free app will … read more

4069_c7baea8d0d_small May 14, 2012 by Geoff Wood

Omaha With another event freshly entered in the annals of SPN history now is the time to remind you that you don't need to wait 12 months to experience more of Big Omaha. Thanks to the support of Microsoft BizSpark, a major sponsor of Big Omaha 2012, we'll be releasing video of the 14 presentations delivered on Thursday and Friday. BizSpark has been a strong supporter of our events … read more

4124_9c30f40aaa_small May 14, 2012 by Macy Koch

Omaha Mena Trott, co-founder of Six Apart (now SAY Media) and blogger behind The Sew Weekly, joined the cast of Big Omaha speakers at KANEKO on Friday and closed the conference with a presentation that was extremely personal and raw. Admitting for the first time publicly about her separation from husband and partner, Ben, Trott gave the audience an inside look at the struggles that can happen between partnerships and relationships, specifically … read more

4138_3516e93a84_small May 13, 2012 by Amy Engle

We're excited to bring you our 103rd Opportunities on The Prairie today. If you have an opportunity to add, please register your positions using our Job Board Submission … read more

4122_73ad455c5b_small May 11, 2012 by Patti Vannoy

Omaha Big Omaha 2012 definitely benefited from Kevin Hale's gracious agreement to join the lineup at the last minute. He spoke at KANEKO for almost an hour Friday afternoon on "designing for relationships," or "how to design a company, a team, an organization so that it fosters really strong relationships with users and customers that help you grow." Hale is the founder of Wufoo, an internet application for building online forms. "All you need to know … read more

4152_b51611a45d_small May 11, 2012 by Danny Schreiber

Omaha The Big Omaha crew came together last night for the Gist Get-Together at Urban Wine Company to share drinks and converse about the day's events. The entertainment for evening was the local band All Young Girls Are Machine Guns and artist Rachel Mindrup gave attendees the opportunity to get a caricature similar to the one's our design partner Oxide Design did for each speaker. … read more

4150_c9d3d9e3e3_small May 11, 2012 by Chris Wolfgang

Omaha Before Michael Karnjanaprakorn even took the KANEKO stage for the last day of Big Omaha 2012, conference-goers were treated to a video explaining his company Skillshare. Highlighted by clips of kids learning about electricity and adults learning about music, the video claimed: "The future belongs to the curious." The 2012 TED fellow said that everyone believes in education, but everyone has their own ideas … read more

4121_660e2b8f9e_small May 11, 2012 by Macy Koch

Omaha Edie Huang, writer, chef, entrepreneur and TV personality, took stage on day two of Big Omaha 2012 to speak to the crowd at KANEKO. His presentation, laden with photos of celebrities and quirky commentary, brought laughs and motivation to attendees. From the age of 6, Huang has been a businessman. When his mother gave him pots and spatulas to use as toys, he found a way to get the latest Transformer toys in exchange for doing his classmates' homework. … read more

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