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7074_a31e57bb52_small July 17, 2014 by Megan Bannister

Las Vegas Yesterday myEDmatch was named the education technology winner of the V2Venture pitch competition at SXSW V2V in Las Vegas. Out of more than 200 applicants, myEDmatch—a job-matching site for educators that connects schools and teachers based on missions—pitched against five other finalists innovating in the education space. read more

7072_375b23172e_small July 16, 2014 by Joey Wolfe

Omaha A native of Clarks, Neb., Evan Williams' founding of Blogger, Twitter and Medium has significantly impacted the way we share our stories online. In 45 minutes, Williams shares much of the insight he's gained from more than two decades of experience. Take a seat, grab a coffee and soak in all in. This isn't one to miss. read more

7068_ba21fe953c_small July 16, 2014 by Megan Bannister

Kansas City On June 24, Diana Kander's novel "All In Startup" finally hit shelves and to say its reception was warm seems to be an understatement. Among a number of other lists, Kander's book was named to this week's New York Times best seller list, in the nonfiction category of "Advice, How-To & Miscellaneous." The book also appeared on the Wall Street Journal's list of best sellers in the nonfiction category.  read more

7070_1be4ac9674_small July 15, 2014 by Megan Bannister

Des Moines Now with only a few swipes, and a tap or two, Google Glass wearers around the country can pay merchants using Dwolla. But the Des Moines-based payments startup isn't the one behind the development. The Members Group (TMG), a Des Moines-based financial services company that provides payments processing solutions, announced the Google Glass app—called See2Pay—during its Executive Summit in Lake Tahoe, Calif., on Tuesday.  read more

7066_df8e034742_small July 15, 2014 by Fred Bauters

It's been more than two months since Big Omaha, but the lessons and experiences shared by the speakers aren't losing their value any time soon. We're still digesting everything they had to say on stage, but Kauffman Founders School took it a step further. They sat down with several of the speakers off stage to expound on those experiences for the online educational resource's new Founder Genius section. read more

7067_71ca2056c7_small July 15, 2014 by Megan Bannister

Lenexa It's happened to the best of us. You've just settled into the couch for a night in front of the TV and the technology struggles begin. Whether it's the combination of three different remote controls or the routine of stretching and bending to get the remote control to communicate with the receiver box, the process is daunting. read more

7065_269d614758_small July 14, 2014 by Joey Wolfe

Omaha Heidi Lubin is the co-founder of HEVT, a startup focused on building energy efficient electric motors and incubating ideas about energy and mobility. During her Big Omaha 2014 keynote, Lubin spoke to attendees on a wide variety of topics, including big data, scaling down ideas and the importance of failing publicly. read more

7036_aecda37090_small July 14, 2014 by Megan Bannister

Des Moines It had become a common occurrence for Bob Rehkemper and his partners at Gourley, Rehkemper and Lindholm law firm in Des Moines. He'd be at a bar with friends or colleagues and the topic would invariably shift to his profession as a criminal defense attorney specializing in DUI and OWI. Immediately, everyone wanted to know what to do if they were pulled over by law enforcement. So Rehkemper and his partners got creative.  read more

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