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6674_d9b1846cdd_small April 4, 2014 by Jordan Pascale

Omaha It looks like Uber, the black car service you can reserve from your smartphone, may be coming to Omaha. While Omaha isn't listed on the official site yet, an @Uber_Omaha Twitter account appeared on Friday. The description mimics that of the @Uber_Indy and appears to be run by the same person… read more

6667_1e90e8e9f9_small April 4, 2014 by Jordan Pascale

Lincoln When a group from Gothenburg, Neb., called Crop Tech Solutions dropped a stack of spreadsheets in Bryan Thompson's lap, he was intimidated, but also intrigued. This, he said, would be fun. In those spreadsheets: hundreds and hundreds of data points from farmers' fields around the region. The goal: make those data points useful ... read more

6672_fe81bbca64_small April 4, 2014 by Joey Wolfe

Des Moines Before we shift into high gear for Big Omaha in May, the SPN team is heading to Des Moines to catch up with our friends in the community. Stop by StartupCity Des Moines on Thursday, April 17, for the filming of the Welch Avenue Show at 4 p.m., then head east only a few minutes away on Locust to join us for happy hour drinks and conversation at The Continental in the East Village ...  read more

April 4, 2014 by Silicon Prairie News

Every week, Silicon Prairie News presents opportunities in the region's tech, startup and creative community. From a contract job to a co-founder role, these positions are submitted by companies and gathered from public postings… read more

6653_3babf18b13_small April 4, 2014 by Julia Hogren

Nick Evans has always been fascinated with how to get a lot more done with less work. A Nebraska native, Evans created a $20 piece of hardware, Tile, that users attach to anything they’re prone to lose—phone, remote, car keys. Syncing with iOS devices, users can seek out their stuff along with the help of trusted friends and family also dialed into their network. His light-hearted, easy-going attitude is underscored by an intense motivation, highlighted by his impressive resume ... read more

6671_0d6e04d9b2_small April 4, 2014 by Joey Wolfe

Omaha Every year our Big Omaha family grows larger as folks from more than 200 cities across the country and the globe join to be inspired to follow their passions and empowered to build their companies. Silicon Prairie News is thrilled to welcome every new attendee, and we’ll always have a special place in our hearts for the friends who have been with us since the beginning ... read more

6665_c28852a95f_small April 3, 2014 by Fred Bauters

Kansas City Accelerators are popping everywhere around the Silicon Prairie and nationwide, but there isn't much out there to make sure entrepreneurs are well-equipped to get accepted or start on day one. NEXT, a pre-accelerator program backed by Startup ... read more

6669_f239cbc699_small April 3, 2014 by Fred Bauters

Kansas City NASA's International Space Apps Challenge is landing in Kansas City April 11-13 again this year, back at digital marketing agency Ingenology. Registration is still open for web developers, designers, content developers and anyone else interested in building solutions ... read more

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