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Announcing a future Kansas City event, part of our Silicon Prairie Series

May 22, 2012 by Geoff Wood

The Silicon Prairie Series brings together two established events, Big Omaha (left) and Thinc Iowa (middle), and one future, unnamed event in Kansas City.

With Big Omaha 2012 now more than a week in the rear-view mirror, the team at Silicon Prairie News has already begun working on Thinc Iowa 2012 and planning for the future of our premier events beyond that. We're excited to announce that future will include a brand new Kansas City event, set to debut in 2013. That will round out what we're now calling the Silicon Prairie Series, a trio of events on innovation and entrepreneurship held in the heart of the Midwest.

The Silicon Prairie Series aims to better connect the daily work of our organization with the region and community that fuels it. Those of you who purchased the discounted 2012 Prairie Pass tickets to both Big Omaha and Thinc Iowa were the first to take advantage of one benefit of the new series.

Over time, we want the the Silicon Prairie Series name to become synonymous with the style, quality and feel of events that you've come to expect from our team and partners. That means a single-track of speakers, great parties, ambitious design elements, unparalleled networking, an intimate feel, a shared experience and some of the best presentations on entrepreneurship and innovation anywhere in the world. Big Omaha, Thinc Iowa and the future Kansas City event will each have their own distinctions and local flavor, but overall what you've come to love about one Silicon Prairie Series event, you’ll find in the others.

So make plans now to to join us at the next event in the Silicon Prairie Series, Thinc Iowa 2012, which takes place October 10-11. And if you want to get more involved with the Silicon Prairie Series, contact Geoff Wood at


Credits: Photo of Big Omaha by Malone and Company, Photos of Thinc Iowa by Anna Jones | Art of Photography / Ikonix Studio, Photo of Kansas City by Jim Nix via Flickr

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