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Big Omaha Video Series: Ben Huh of Cheezburger Network

Omaha June 27, 2011 by Jeff Slobotski

Ben Huh at Big Omaha 2011 – Friday, May 13, 2011

Today we're pleased to share with the you the sixth video in our Big Omaha 2011 Video Series, brought to you by CoSentry.

In the video above, Ben Huh, founder and CEO of Cheezburger Network, shares his story from his humble beginnings with I Can Has Cheezburger in September 2007 to today, overseeing a network that generates more than 20 million page views per month.

Ben said a successful startup CEO is someone who doesn't understand the word "no," but knows how to survive his or her own failures, then moves forward with a greater knowledge of what went wrong.

Ben attributes the success of Cheezburger Network to the users and fans who create the content and those who started the sites. In the end, his goal is to make the world happy for five minutes a day. We believe he's well on the way to doing just that!

To read a recap of Ben's talk, see our post:

"Big Omaha - Ben Huh: 'Things that excite us are things that would make other people cringe' "

Please send your thanks to Ben via Twitter, @BenHuh, for taking time out of his commitments to come to Omaha and inspire attendees with his insight and energy!

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