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Omaha July 9, 2010 by Danny Schreiber

Ustream Chat Transcript

11:14 andypeters9d: schweet - i need to head there right now.  where is it?
11:15 techmonkey4u: Scooters? =P
11:15 andypeters9d: i usually say, where ever there is wifi.
11:15 techmonkey4u: ah
11:15 andypeters9d: ... today i's at my house.
11:15 lowercasetres: i need scooters
11:16 skidvis: Good morning.
11:16 techmonkey4u: mornin'
11:16 andypeters9d: good morning to you
11:16 skidvis: I feel odd without a number in my name.
10:16 andypeters9d: one of these things is not like the other...
10:17 slobotski: Gooood morning!
10:17 skidvis: howdy!
10:17 techmonkey4u: mornin'
10:17 skidvis: cue the strippers!
10:18 andypeters9d: skidvis, how will you virtually give them the dollars?
10:18 skidvis: paypal?
10:19 andypeters9d: that'll work.
10:19 AnneGood: Hi from the Davidsons!
10:19 taylorsiebert: is that redbull sugar free?
10:19 andypeters9d: hello
10:19 techmonkey4u: 1900 viewers now!
10:19 andypeters9d: i'm going to one up his red bull with a braintoniq
10:20 skidvis: redbull+braintoniq+tequila fun day at work!
10:20 andypeters9d: mmmmmmm
10:21 andypeters9d: dusty, your still cool in the iphone club though.  feel free to join our club anytime.
10:21 audioscenery: Is it just me or is anyone else's sound all crazy?
10:22 andypeters9d: fine here.
10:22 techmonkey4u: fine here too
10:22 AnneGood: Sound is really quite here...
10:22 AnneGood: I mean quiet
10:22 skidvis: mine's fine.. low, but fine.
10:22 audioscenery: sorry...2 windows opened...I'm lame...or just that big of a fan? I have to watch it in two windows? j/k
10:23 adbomaha: We can't hear you in the back
10:23 andypeters9d: gary veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
10:24 skidvis: song and dance?
10:24 taylorsiebert: love foursquare!
10:24 AnneGood: ooohhh!
10:24 techmonkey4u: purty
10:24 andypeters9d: neat.
10:25 AnneGood: woohoo
10:25 andypeters9d: you should give away BarCampOmaha shirts.  those are hard to fine.
10:25 andypeters9d: find
10:25 techmonkey4u: lol
10:26 AnneGood: my size :)
10:26 techmonkey4u: next Barcamp needs a t-shirt cannon
10:26 secos: done.
10:26 andypeters9d: anne should get it.  only one in the room that will fit in this.
10:26 secos: thanks to TechMonkey4u for agreeing to build a tshirt cannon for BarCamp Omaha
10:27 andypeters9d: cannon, i'm there.
10:27 techmonkey4u: who's got leftover fireworks?
10:27 slobotski: We will give away YOUR tshirts!
10:27 secos: heh.
10:28 AnneGood: HA!
10:28 techmonkey4u: woohoo!
10:28 andypeters9d: yahhhhh!
10:28 lowercasetres: woo anne
10:28 andypeters9d: anne dusty just threw your shirt... what you going to do about that?
10:29 skidvis: I lika do the cha cha
10:29 techmonkey4u: you know what would be cool?  virtual destinations for foursquare.. I want to be the mayor of Anne's dog blog
10:29 AnneGood: I'll model with the cornhead...
10:29 andypeters9d: with the shirt?
10:29 AnneGood: hey now...
10:29 andypeters9d: :)
10:29 audioscenery: bye
10:29 skidvis: that's it?
10:29 linderman: Later kids
10:29 slobotski: Thanks guys!
10:29 skidvis: I want my money back
10:30 slobotski: You get what you pay for I suppose...
10:30 linderman: Cool it over there Skid!
10:30 slobotski: Thanks so much for joining us guys!  Really appreciate it!
10:30 techmonkey4u: good show; it was fun
10:30 AnneGood: hope everyone has a good weekend!
10:30 skidvis: you want some of this, linder?
10:30 andypeters9d: lates.  happy day.
10:30 lowercasetres: have a great day remember to holler for a ride tonight on pedicab in old market
10:30 techmonkey4u: what's going on in town this weekend?
10:30 linderman: YOu wanna take this outside?! ...and play Words?
10:31 skidvis: hah! like you even play
10:31 linderman: Not sure, come on out to Benson
10:31 lowercasetres: riverfront jazz and blues techmonkey
10:31 linderman: Later kids
10:31 techmonkey4u: cool
10:31 slobotski: You guys are the best!  Appreciate your support and Anne enjoy your shirt!
10:31 skidvis: riverfront jazz in benson?
10:31 techmonkey4u: I'll google that, Tres; gotta go
10:31 lowercasetres: no its down on the river
10:32 lowercasetres: under the walking bridge
10:32 skidvis: ooooh
10:32 lowercasetres: peace out peeps


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