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TEDxDesMoines videos online

Des Moines June 28, 2010 by Geoff Wood

Highlights from last month's inaugural TEDxDesMoines event are available online.

TEDx is a local series of talks that mirrors the format and branding of the larger TED event in California. TEDx events are held across the globe and Des Moines' iteration took place on May 16 at the State of Iowa Historical Building.

Below are the videos from the event, embedded from the TEDx YouTube channel.


Opening Remarks

Mike Draper, founder of innovative local retailer RAYGUN, was the event's emcee. He presided over presentations from a diverse group of Iowans.


Transforming Learning: We Are at a "Printing Press Moment" in the History of Mankind

John C. Carver, superintendent of the Van Meter Community Schools, spoke about transforming learning in primary and secondary schools. Van Meter issues each student in grades 7-12 their own laptop and designs its curriculum around access to technology.


Evolution of the Workplace (and Workforce)

Christian Renaud, CEO of Palisade Systems, talked about the future of the workplace and changes that are to be expected between now and 2020.


What it Means to be Human

Dr. Sue Savage-Rumbaugh, scientist with special standing at the Great Ape Trust, continued the event with a presentation about technology, gestures, and community as told through her experience working with bonobos.


The Third Space: Reducing Social Costs by the Creation and Recreation of Hybrid Cultures

Fernando Aveiga, a multicultural workforce specialist with the Master Builders of Iowa, spoke about reducing social cost through creating hybrid cultures.


Exploration in the Information Age

Charlie Wittmack, an adventurer and attorney at Davis Brown, along with Andy Stoll, a world traveler and social entrepreneur, wrapped up the evening talking about fear of the unknown, world exploration, and the modern age of discovery and understanding.

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