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Parade Magazine: How Cleveland is becoming a city for entrepreneurs

Omaha November 8, 2009 by Danny Schreiber


Today's Parade magazine, an insert in Sunday newspapers, featured an excellent article on Cleveland in its "Reinventing America" series.

Titled "How Cleveland, Ohio is becoming...A City For Entrepreneurs," the article by Susan Fine focuses on JumpStart, the city's nonprofit corporation which was created to make sure entrepreneurs would remain in Cleavland. After providing a short background of the city, the article highlights a few of the startups funded by the nonprofit and discusses the next stage for the startups, city, and nation. It's a quick read and I encourage you to check it out and add a comment below with your thoughts.

Its learning about success of cities like Cleveland that especially get me excited about what's going on in Omaha.

REINVENTING AMERICA A City For Entrepeneurs by Susan Fine published: 11/08/2009

Cleveland has always had a “Once upon a time” feel to it. Once, America put a huge canal there to connect the transport hub of the Great Lakes to the export cities of the East. The General Electric Company built one of the nation’s first industrial parks [...]

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