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Omaha October 1, 2009 by Danny Schreiber

Mentioned this Week: BarCamp Omaha tonight, thanks to the BarCamp Omaha sponsors: UNeMed, Scott Technology Center, Asset Appraisal, Graffiti Tracker, AIM Institute, Archrival, Secret Penguin, Ninth Division, The Gabe Kangas Association for Awesome, Contemporary Analysis, SkidVis, Career Search Dynamics, Button Biz, talking at the Pape Ventures Conference, Big Omaha 2010 update, Gary Vaynerchuck's book "Crush It" trailer has clips from Big Omaha, Google Wave

Interests of Last Week:

9/27 - Omaha World Herald: Young entrepreneurs launch store

9/29 - NE Creative: 2009 BarCampOmaha Website Design Update by DownsDesign

Events of Next Week:

10/2 – Presidential Professor Martinez Celaya Returns to Nebraska for Public Lecture

10/2-3 – BarCamp Omaha

If you have any additional news or events that you’d like the SPN community to know about, please add it in a comment below (a link, date, time and location would be helpful).

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