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(A late) Weekly Wrap Up

Omaha May 11, 2009 by Danny Schreiber

Credit to Malone & Co Photography

Micah Baldwin - Credit to Malone & Co

We're happy to admit that we've fallen a bit behind on posting since Big Omaha began last Thursday, an event we put on in collaboration with the Brightmix crew as well as Sara Davidson and Marlina Davidson. We're happy, actually thrilled, at the overwhelming success and kind words from everyone involved!  And although we were too wrapped up in the management of the event to cover it, we greatly appreciate the attendees who did.


In fact, because of the many who did, I've changed the title below from "News of Last Week" to "Interests of Last Week." The old title with "News" had me stuck searching old media's headlines, when much of the most valuable content was on your blogs. I'm now excited to link to your blogs and send our readers your way - if your post sparks our interest.

This new way comes from something that resonated with me at Big Omaha, an answer Micah Baldwin gave in his Q&A. When asked if he kept a journal of his successes and failures he answered that he did not, but then recollected his blog, Learn to Duck, and admitted that the turning point in his career was when he began posting honestly and openly about his life. He said that people began to relate to him and appreciate his openness and he began to be a part of a community.

I see the beginnings of this here, and I'm just learning about the local blog scene. In the near future (or maybe it's already happening), I hope we're able to organize a bloggers meet up to share ideas and strengthen our community.

Interests of Last Week:

Big Omaha:

5/7 - Silicon Florist: BIG Omaha: The big reason I'm sitting on the Silicon Prairie right now

5/8 - Christopher Meeks: big omaha

5/8 - Five Technology Web Design Blog: Big Omaha Conference Kick-Off

5/8 - Shane LIFE: Big Omaha

5/9 - Matt Helt | SecretPenguin Blog: SLEEP

5/9 - OWH: Big Omaha meeting helps creativity soar

5/9 - RamHatter: Big Omaha...and Jesus

5/9 - Read Write Web: BIGOmaha: The Little Conference That Could

5/10 - BIG Omaha is Bigger Because of All of You.

5/10 - Everybodysagenius: BIG Omaha Rocked

5/10 - Read Write Web: VIDEO: Gary Vaynerchuk on Conferences, Consulting, Books, and Impending Fatherhood

5/11 - Deep Bench: Is YOUR Passion Contagious? (What We Learned at Big Omaha...)

5/11 - Gaming Angels: BIGOmaha Conference

5/11 - OWH: Jersey wine store owner chats about vino on the Web

5/11 - Princess Lasertron: big omaha/girls in tech

5/11 - Signal vs. Noise (by 37 Signals): Two great lessons from Jeffrey at BIGOmaha


5/5 - OWH: Omaha lands IT center (Interpublic Group of New York)

If you have an additional interest or an event that you’d like the SPN community to know about, please add it in a comment below (for events: a link, date, time and location would be helpful). Thank you!

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Great listing of all things BigOmaha. The event was spectacular!

To add to the great stories, I thought I drop a plug for the BigOmaha iPhone app story - check it out.

May 12, 2009 at 06:07 AM

Hey Jeff and Dusty,

Just a quick note to say thanks again for a fabulous event. SPN has become the one-stop shop for tech and innovation news in the Metro. Thanks for all your hard work. There are a lot of us out there who really appreciate what you do.

Best and keep up the great work. What can we expect next?

May 13, 2009 at 05:35 AM

The polls are open!

Through August 22, help us decide the winners of our inaugural Silicon Prairie Awards, which will recognize 12 companies and individuals. You can vote once per day per category.
Winners will be announced live on stage at
our August 30 event.